I’ve been sooooooooooooooo busyyyy!!! I’ll update tomorrow I SWEAR I promise!!!

I’ve been sending out XMAS CARDS & Gifts (send me your addy by Wednesday, noon and I’ll send you one) And I’m leaving for Taiwan EARLLLLLLLLLLLLY Thursday (I’ll be updating there in my hotel!!!) I have to write up my self assessments and all that EARLY because I’m leaving before the due date (omg my FIRST yearly review EVER!)… I have to fill out my goals sheet.. AND prepare for a meeting on Wednesday I’m SO not ready for @_@ This amongst other things.

Also, I know this may sound poopie but I feel HUGE :[ And going to Taiwan makes me really self conscious since everyone is tiny there and the last time I was there I was basically a fat girl… *cough* Some lady actually said to me “Wow you’re SO “HEALTHY” looking, unlike me all slender and thin and I have such a great figure” AND my UNCLE said to me “Wow you’d be so much prettier if you were skinnier” YES, the FIRST thing he said to me. OK, I wasn’t even FAT. I was like… 125 or something… and I’m 5’7″… I mean it’s not like I wanna be 98lbs again…. but Taiwan makes me so self conscious :[ LAME-O I hate feeling this way.

OK enough whining. I’m eating chocolate covered rum-soaked figs, panforte & larabars while working my butt off and spending spending spending :] HEHEHEHE… I love buying ppl gifts and writing cards. I personalize everything so no boring “merry xmas happy new years” and generic gifts in bulk from me :]

BTW…My FAVORITE Larabar is now Peanut Butter Cookie!!!!!!… I’ve had them all before but now since I’m retasting them ALL instead of just buying my favs I’m gonna re-review them and re-rate them :]

Rating so far:

1. Peanut Butter Cookie: MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!! It TASTES and feels just LIKE a pb cookie!!!
2. Pecan Pie: This WAS my favorite :] So it’s #2 now cuz PB climbed to the top!!!
3. TIE: Ginger Snap & Banana Bread: MMM, I looove gingersnap cookies and banana bread, I can’t choose which one I loved more. I used to not like the gingersnap but this time around *drool* I was in heaven. Esp since I was CRAVING gingersnap cookies at the time.
4. Coconut Creme Pie: Delicioussssly coconutty and creamy :D I think I wish there was something more crunchy, chewy in it, it’s missing a bit of that texture for me to balance it out.
5. Cinnamon Roll: It’s good but not SUPER cinnamon rolly.

I’ll be moving things arouund and adding more comments as I eat more :D I had FOUR just TONITE!!!! :D

OK, now I’m just rambling. TALK TO YOU GUYS TMW!!!


ps. I’m a Foodbuzz Featured Publisher now!! :D YAY!

pps. I got ANOTHER Iron IV Session today :[ To give me extra booooost for my trip. I’m improving.. still not normal but getting there.. but now my WHITE BLOOD cell count has dropped @_@ Oy.


  1. larabar?


  2. I can imagine the madness of days before the trip! But are you staying at hotel in Taiwan? Isn’t it weird that you go back home (well…maybe your parents) and have to stay at hotel?
    Anyway, I hope you finish up everything soon and have a save flight!
    Hopefully I’ll see you in Shanghai. Come come!! it’s the big apple in Asia. :D


  3. Um those are some not cool comments! :( I hope the fat feeling passes AS IT SHOULD. You have so much going on right now! Take care of yourself!


  4. Your life sounds crazy – love that you’re fueling it with Larabars! The remarks you heard on your last trip to Taiwan make me sad. You look great, and I hope that you are able to remember that when you go back. Pack yourself some Larabars and respect your body. You’re beautiful!


  5. YOU BE YOU. How much happier are you at a healthy weight? Weight aside, how do you feel on the inside? Be kind to yourself and next time someone says something like that, you should look at them and say, “I AM PERFECT” :) That’ll shut em up!


  6. Ugh, I hate being fat in Asia! I went to Shanghai last year and I got a lot of the “oh, you’re so “HEALTHY” looking”, aka you’re a big, fat lump lol (im 5’10”/135 to give you a point of reference). Totally don’t let it get to you, you’re fab!


  7. Hello saw the picture with the Silky terrier. I like silky terrier ha.


  8. FollowMyWeigh says:

    Hey I know what you mean – I feel the same way when I go to korea!

    i like your larabar ratings, but the top of my list is the coconut creme one! probably b/c thats the only one i like =/


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