Pie I have not yet eaten

Strangely I’m not craving anything. That means Tiffie isn’t feeling well. I’ll update tonite with yesterday’s weak eats and today’s…. I haven’t eaten anything yet, don’t yell at me, I don’t feel well. One of my good friends, Chr (his name is Chris but Chr is how he always went by online and since I’m a nerd, woot!), sent this to me yesterday and said it reminded me of him :] Hehehe…

It’s gray and rainy here in Boston today. Boo! I’m planning on making savory Turkey oats today!!!! (as opposed to my usual Turkey congee) so hopefully I’ll have an appetite by then to fully enjoy it.

On another note I still haven’t cooked the special bday dinner for someone… and still have to watch WALL-E with said person. Oops. But I’m trying to figure out what to make. What to make to impress but not overly so?! I wish the weather would get better….


  1. Feel better girlie!


  2. hope it’s nothing and your appetite come back soon!


  3. Get well lil mama!


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