Giant Gummy Snakes…. and FOOD OVERLOAD today!!!

Quickie!!!! I’m watching Food Network and trying to get tired to sleep… I ate SOOO much today and I’m kinda craving some swedish fish or something right now…

Last nite I had four of these:

Insomnia sucks :[ So snakes kept me company





Tea + Steamed Brussel Sprouts + Kale 

Spicy Bean Paste Fish w/ Tofu (I basically ate the whole thing!!!)

SPICY Beans + Stirfry Asian Greens

Takoyaki <3 

Dessert #1

1 cup Chocolate Hemp milk

[picture lost *pout*]
2 Oatmeal Raisin Cookies….

And lots of Product 19 cereal with my remaining milk… 

Dessert #2

2 Caramel Apples with Chocolate and Nuts (this is the peanut bomb one, the other monster isn’t shown)

I watched Batman Begins tonite so I can buy & watch DARK KNIGHT ♥ tomorrow!!!!


  1. Loved seeing how much you eat! I’m a humongous eater as well, I feel like a pig sometimes! ha ha But food is my enjoyment, and everything you ate today looks deliciously healthy!
    Visit my blog, Skinny Eats!

    Happy & Healthy Eating!


  2. Tiffie, sorry to hear that you’re still having problem to sleep. And snack sometime help sometimes doesn’t. I just woke up and it’s 4 am only….. grrrrrrrrr……… I totally get your frustration!!!


  3. I’m so sorry about your insomnia. :( Have you tried melatonin?


  4. Hope everything turns out for you! Gotta love the Food Network channel.

    And Dark Night is awesome!


  5. HEMP milk? You mean you can drink weed too? lol…sweet!


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