Giant Gummy Snakes…. and FOOD OVERLOAD today!!!

Quickie!!!! I’m watching Food Network and trying to get tired to sleep… I ate SOOO much today and I’m kinda craving some swedish fish or something right now…

Last nite I had four of these:

Insomnia sucks :[ So snakes kept me company





Tea + Steamed Brussel Sprouts + Kale 

Spicy Bean Paste Fish w/ Tofu (I basically ate the whole thing!!!)

SPICY Beans + Stirfry Asian Greens

Takoyaki <3 

Dessert #1

1 cup Chocolate Hemp milk

[picture lost *pout*]
2 Oatmeal Raisin Cookies….

And lots of Product 19 cereal with my remaining milk… 

Dessert #2

2 Caramel Apples with Chocolate and Nuts (this is the peanut bomb one, the other monster isn’t shown)

I watched Batman Begins tonite so I can buy & watch DARK KNIGHT ♥ tomorrow!!!!