It snowed and then stopped…

Weather looks crappy all week… rain, snow, sleet. :[

People know I’m sick when I have sweets/candy put in front of me and I don’t even think about being tempted to eat something. Yeah… it’s that bad today :[ I saw Role Models tho and it was SOOO funny (not to mention MCLOVIN’ aka FOGELL is in it!!!), but I felt nauseous @ the movies… :[ So no popcorn for me.

Tonight’s post’ll be quick

Figgy & Red Anjou pear – Oatmeal

It’s official. Figs + Oatmeal are my fav!!!

Loquat Chicken Thighs w/ Cabbage, Carrot, Tofu Stirfry 
Gorgeous plate of yummie food

Up close

(we bought too many loquats yesterday and since they go bad super fast, I decided to whip this up for dinner… lemongrass chicken w/ papaya salad another day!!! I’m also in the mood for salmon this week as well!!! & some sushi :] I made the sauce out of loquats, a touch of brown sugar + honey, some red onion and black pepper!!!)

A beautiful shot of loquats from last nite

(58!!!) Longans –  They were so tiny this time around but SUPER tasty nonetheless!!!

I’m gonna watch more HOUSE & Food Network and try to get to sleep early. I hope my tummieache goes away…

ANYWAYS we got a NEW blu-ray player since stupid kids @ Thanksgiving messed up our old one (lame) so tomorrow I’m gonna watch BATMAN BEGINS so I can go get DARK KNIGHT Tuesday and watch that :] ALTHO I already got an invitation to watch it with my friend (who I stilllllllll owe him a Birthday dinner hahaha along with WALL-E so we’ll see. Hopefully I’ll feel better this week so I can finally start DOING stuff again…)

Anyways. Expect MORE recipes this week :] And lots of yummie homecooked meals!!! I’m full of ideas!!!

Nitttttte lovies!!!!


  1. yummy oatmeal and delicious Loquat Chicken Thighs.
    Hope you had a better sleep last night! :)


  2. John Lee says:

    Oooh, I been meaning to watch Role Models =) Hope you feel better buddy.


  3. Ooh I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


  4. FollowMyWeigh says:

    I must try figs one day!!! They look so good in your oatmeal~


  5. strongandhealthy says:

    Beautiful eats!


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