Seafood and Chocolate Covered Caramel Apples

My eats were kinda lame today. I haven’t been feeling well so haven’t really been eating much…

I had a guava between my two doctor appointments. I was planning on going to Porter Sq. for some yummie Japanese eats (well mainly takoyaki aka octopus balls!!!!!) but my appointments ran late and later so I ended up at Legal Seafood’s.. which was near my last doctor appointment…

Steamers. I only had about out 7 or 8 and even spit a couple out cuz they were SOOO sandy… our waitress was soooooo nice :D She took them off the bill and was just super nice to us in general from start to finish. IN FACT, ALL of the ppl today were nice. From when I went to get seats, even the host was talking to me and making conversation the whole time. 

My cioppino on the other hand was outstanding!!! Huge clams and mussels, large chunks of fish… really really delicious and fresh!!! A lot more seafood than the last time I got it :D I put lots of tabasco in, too, to make it spicy!!! I wish there was more calamari tho, and another lobster claw or a lobster tail would’ve been fanTASMIC!!!

As a treat/dessert late tonite (since I was hungry) and since my mommy surprised me with some of my favorite Caramel Apples (from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory) I had a Monster Apple :D It took me FOREVER to eat it tho… watched Day of the Dead while I did. It was a pretty fun movie, the zombies in it are like smart, retain some of their old human characteristics and super fast :D Plus Nick Cannon’s hot :D HAHA…

Small chunks = easier eating and takes me longer to finish it. This lasted me almost a good hour during the movie!!!

Dior loves my blankie!!! I think more than she loves hers.. (altho she can’t sleep at night without her pink ballet blankie!!! hehehe)

Tomorrow I’m off to get groceries… Russo’s <3 a quick trip to Costco for WANTED & the new Britney cd (I know I’m behind!) and I owe a friend of mine a special Tiffie-cooked Birthday (well LATE Birthday) dinner and WALL-E :D Hopefully all the plans will go thru, woot!


  1. OOh that apple is awesome! I hope you’re doing okay!


  2. oh…… that’s a big load of seafood!! I love it!
    it seems that you’ll have a busy saturday!


  3. Love you WOMAN. [ps] do a grocery pic series!! weee :)


  4. Oh my… that seafood looks delicious!


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