Leapin’ Lemurs

First off, this cereal is soooo addictively amazing!!! It’s like dessert :D

I eat it with Chocolate Hempmilk!!!! It’s BETTER than some desserts :D

I stopped eating pomelos for awhile but then randomly it’s all I crave…

And for dinner I wanted to make Kath‘s Squash Kale soup again :] Once again I made some variations….

 THIS THING WAS HUGE!!! I was gonna originally make it with butternut, pumpkin, carrots & celery but this thing was so big I nixed the pumpkin. Pumpkin soup next time :] I used Pacific Low Sodium Veggie Broth!!!

I also added a Gala apple (skinless)

After I mashed it all up with my  little mixer upper, I added in a chopped Honeycrisp and TONS of Kale (two bunnches!!!) cut into bitesized pieces!!!

I tore up some turkey breast from Thanksgiving in the fridge and topped off my soup with it (and extra hot pepper flakes sprinkles of course)

It was so good I went for bowl #2

The last YUMMMMMY bite, SOO full!!! Mommy + Daddy were proud I had so much meat :]

I watched this Taiwan movie (I’ve tried watching like 10 in the past few months thru Netflix and I only made it thru ONE that I could stand.. no offense, but I think the movies are dumb) but this one was decent. It was a scary movie…. The Heirloom… Watch it! The main actor is kinda lame tho and bad and def. not from Taiwan with that accent.

I ate 7, yes SEVEN dried persimmons… SOOO GOOD!!! But I wanted more, but *control* I really wanna munch on some strawberries (the fruit snack like ones) or kiwis… GAHHHH*


  1. Haha, I have no control when it comes to persimmons, dry or fresh. I finished off my last one tonight otherwise I’m sure I would have gone for more :) That soup looks soooo good!


  2. FollowMyWeigh says:

    do you get your dried persimmons from trader joe’s?
    and your soup looks soooo yummy!
    iv’e only had a pomelo ONCE. my dad gave it to me one day and i had never seen one before. i liked it a lot!!


  3. ahh omgosh hi there! i came by your blog randomly and wanted to say that you have such a cute blog! are you taiwanese? my family is from taiwan.. and this is so funny – i just finished watching a taiwan movie, too! it was actually pretty good (NOT stupid) :).

    anyway.. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! i just read your post :)

    i hope that we can keep in touch. i <3 all your pictures!


  4. the soup looks delicious!!!!!!! I’m cutting back on pumpkin/squash unfortunately, so I’m so jealous of you having them!!!
    And Tiffie, are u planning to visit China? Let me know if you do, because i’ll spend 5 weeks there. Come to visit me :)


  5. that apple is incredible.


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