What’s Thanksgiving without Turkey?

Well at least for me. EVERY year on Thanksgiving I base my meal AROUND the turkey. I eat tons of turkey + cranberry sauce and then whatever else I can have room for AFTER I get my 4-5 servings (at least) in of this delicious bird. I. LOVE. ROAST. TURKEY. My mom makes it amazing with scallions and all that stuffed inside. And the next day we always make turkey congee with the bones and shredded meat (I’ll get to that another time)  

My parents always throw a HUGE Thanksgiving party. It’s what we do.

I started Tuesday with my Pumpkin Gingersnap Tiramisu…

I made my custard with hemp milk and yummmie mascarpone!!!:D

Layers of YUMMY Ginger Snaps

I brushed on APPLE BRANDY (I used Apple Jack) on the cookies for a little kick…

Repeat 3x

More booze…

Sprinkle with crushed cookies on top and freeze :D

Wednesday night, I made my Shortbread Hazelnut Strudel CRANBERRY Bars!!!


The result:

Thursday came and in the afternoon I started preparing my appetizers… and helping my mommy cook…

Puff pastries with smoked salmon, horseradish topping and different toppings of red onion, capers and scallions…. 

Roasted Chestnuts

Mommy frying homemade spring rolls and shrimp rolls

Dior wanted to help too!!! (can you see my kitty apron)

L-R Clockwise: Lobster Salad, Twice Fried Green Beans, Vegetarian Pinwheels, Spicy Seaweed, Dill Salmon, Bok Choy, My mommy’s FAMOUS SHRIMP!!!!, SUPPPPER spicy squid, delicious veggie noodles!!!

Another view:

I’m dumb and didn’t get other food spreads :[

My sweet potato casserole with pecans

The star of the night (other than Dior!!!)

TENDER AND JUICY!!!! I ate basically like the equivalent of at least ONE whole breast

Dessert time!!! There was sooo much… cakes, fruits, pies…bars… NOM NOM!!!

Black Forest Cake

Cranberry Bars, Tiramisu, Matcha Jelly, Grapes

Chocolate Buttercream Cake with Soy Whip

BTW, we ended up having 8-10 bottles of wine :D


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  1. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~ I want to be your guest next time that you cook such a big meal~~~~ :)


  2. dior is such a cutie :) love the bars you made!!


  3. FollowMyWeigh says:

    OMG what an aaaaaaaawesome thanksgiving. all your food creations look so so good…esepecially the tiramisu. and the turkey looks like PERFECTION. i want to come over for thanksgiving next year lol!!!


  4. John Lee says:

    By far the best post of the year. I am inviting myself over next Thanksgiving.


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