MIA no more!!!!

BEST Oatmeal EVER!!!
Figgy Pear Almond Oats w/ Fresh Raspberries, Soyogurt & Honey

My oatmeals just get more and more decadent and overflowing. Like my new spoon, placemat and bowl? I have 3 more bowls to show off this week :]

I’ll be back with updates tomorrow :] Promise!!! Sorry I’ve been MIA but this was my week off from work. So that-wise was relaxing and stress free but others things came up. PLUS I think my body’s losing iron again… which means I’ll need more Iron transfusions again…

I’ll have a collage of highlights of eats, Thanksgiving and etc…!!!!



  1. FollowMyWeigh says:

    what a beautiful bowl of oats!!! it defnitely does look decadent and overflowing ;D!

    sad to hear about the iron loss =(!


  2. That’ absolutely gorgeous! I’m so glad you’re back, I was wondering where you were!


  3. sammyss says:

    That bowl of oats looks amazing!


  4. oh….Tiffie, I’m missing your posts!!! What have you been doing? I hope you were having fun!
    sorry to hear about the iron problem again!
    your oatmeal is looking great!!!


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