Monday Blues

Sorry my updates have been slow and sporadic. Work + Hospital trips are frequent and I’m always so tired :[

After a million meetings I had a quick brunch of Barley, Longans & Chinese Green Beans

Bowl 1

Bowl 2

Then I headed off for another Iron IV Treatment. I’m doing well :] My blood count is going up and my new blood cells are fatter now.


Dinner was raspberry, blackberry banana oats :]


TONNNS of silk soy yogurt :]

My mommy surprised me with a slice of cake from Russo’s!!

No idea what it was but it was creamy and light. And the almonds were yummy!!!

More yoga cookies

My last (and most favorite) one!!!

I had them all with Vanilla Hempmilk (this stuff is so good I had like half a carton)

I ended up snacking on some gummi worms from WF later while I worked :] *naughty*


Breakfast was

Mango Blueberry Oats!!!

With Silk Soy Yogurt!!!

AND THEN TWILIGHT!!! I loved it, altho it wasn’t AS good as I anticipated it to be, it was still good. LOVE the cast!!! I wish they were more detailed but it’s good to read the book before the movie!!! :] Lots of giggles and laughs (esp at Edward’s glares and Jasper’s stick-up-butt look hahaha…) BUTTTTT… hottest scene is when Edward & Bella PULL into school and he swings his arm around her and everybody’s staring… “he’s not looking, oh wait he is” EDWARD CULLEN IS SO HOT!!!!

I managed to not SNACK at ALL during the movie!!! I got hungry but just swooned over Edward Cullen :]

I had 2 pieces of guava before dinner tho when I got home.

Dinner was at Coach Grille :] YUM!

WARMMMMM bread + butter

Sorry the pic is so blurry

Pinot Noir

It was delicious but tasted horrible with seafood, spicy food and chocolate cake :[

Shrimp Cocktail

My fav – Clams Atlantic

Lobster :]

I cut myself really bad trying to open it tho :[ Bled a lot

My fav chocolate cake

It was even BIGGER than usual :]

I ended the night with WF Vegan Gingersnap Cookies (my favs!!!)

With a tall cold glass of Vanilla Hempmilk of course :]

I surprised my friend Randy (my foodie fanatic soulmate haha) with a customized ice cream from :] I was gonna make a cool fig, honey, lavender (how me), etc… or some CRAZY concoction… but ended up with a classic, very “US” flavor.

Base: Premium (14% Cream Base)
Flavor: Chocolate Merlot
Flavor: Banana
Mix-in: Hickory Smoked Bacon
Mix-in: Peanut Butter Swirl

Review: via text
Omg our ice cream was so chocolatey bananay peanut buttery bacony.

The chocolate was sweet and had the right amount of cocoa flavor, with a good hint of banana.  Then you like bite into a chunk of peanut butter…oh soo smooth.

Then the final note is smokey honey hickory bacon… wow unbelievable… would it be bad if I already had two and a half pint? I have to thank you for such a wonderful experience.

It’s such an addicting taste… I had a bowl with a cigar last night, it was so unbelievable. 

You guys should def. check out the website, the mixins and flavors are awesome and so many to choose from!!! Rachel Ray likes it too (haha)