Panera, BSI & COOKIES!!!

I absolutely CANNOT wait for Thanksgiving!!!
Turkey, Pies… YUM!!!!

Lunch was Panera.. I was planning on making some oatmeal for brunch before I went out to run errands BUT…… decided that it was gonna take up too much time.. so off I went…

A bit salty but delicious and filling :] Just what I needed on this FREEZING fall day.

Black Bean Soup and a Classic Salad

I went next door to buy some fish for our now, practically empty fish tank. The fish guy was cute so I think I spent more time choosing fish and asking about them then I normally would :] *blush*

I went to Costco and got some fudge samples :] PB&Choc, Belgian Choc, Belgian Choc walnut & Turtle Fudge :]

I made my parents my Pumpkin Pecan Turkey Breasts w/ Cranberry Shallot Sauce (this week’s BSI) for dinner.

We’re still in the process of cleaning out our fridge for filling it up with Thanksgiving dinner in a few days so… I used what I got :] I paired it with steamed broccoli and a Cranberry Spinach Quinoa :] DELICIOUS!! I nibbled but we only had TWO turkey breasts left and my stomach just wanted warm goop so I made myself… what else, OATMEAL :]

My dinner was Pumpkin Ginger w/ Blackberries Oats…

1/2c Oats
1 1/4c Water
1/2c Pumpkin
Slices of Ginger
1/4 Wheatberries
1 Package of Blackberries (174g)
2 tbs Wheatgerm
A TON of SILK Soy yogurt 

(which I didn’t like as much as my Wildwood, but I bought it and I should finish it! It’s waterier but still a good alternative to Wildwood if I can’t find it. You have to stir it up completely each time.)

Chunks of ginger and berries :]

I watched Sisterhood of Traveling Pants 2 while sipping on French wine & nibbling on chocolate covered fruits.

I adoreeeee the movie and MUST buy 1 & 2 to add to my collection!!!

Afterwards I had a sugar cookie… or two ;]

OK OK, I had two and then some yoga cookies!!!


& two more…

AND I love my new book!!!