What could it be???? LOVED the cute little PINK popcorns tho.. haha my puppy ate one @_@

Delicious YUMMIES!!!! :] I couldn’t WAIT to try them for my dessert :]

I ♥ you Coco!!! Your surprises will be coming to you soon!!!

Speaking of the awesome Coco :] I got tagged by her!!! I did this awhile back… I think on another blog of mine but I’m always up for sharing :]
Here are the rules:

  • Link to the person who tagged you
  • Post the rules on your blog
  • Write 7 random things about yourself
  • Tag 7 people at the end of your post and link to them
  • Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog
  • Let the tagger know when your entry is up

My Random Things:

  1. I drank from a baby bottle until I was well into the first grade. My mom guesses that’s why my lips are so pouty. I guess that’s why I have such an oral fixation (yay Freud!) I always need to suck on hard candy, lollipops or chew gum. It’s a bad habit so I’ve weened myself of the extreme (I could go thru packs and packs of gum a day)
  2. I’ve only had a twinkie ONCE in my life and it was my freshmen year in college. My roommate couldn’t believe it (she was a hostess fiend!!! so she bought a box and made me try one. My first, last and only time.
  3. Like Coco, I get along better with guys. My best group of friends is guys and we gossip like girls :] Hahaha.. they FORGET that I’m a girl sometimes and I can always outrude, outcrude and outperv them :] I’m more of a guy when it comes to certain things and think that a lot of girls are wayyy overdramatic. My best girl friends and I we NEVER say bad things about each other and we’re all VERY different from each other so we get along great. I hate competition and two-faced girls. But this poses as a problem for my best friends’ girlfriends sometimes. They just don’t get that they view me as a little brother (they’re all a few years older than me) than a girl. I’m really girly on the outside and I have my emotional girly moments and I love shopping and cute things and pink and all that, but I’m a guy in some ways too.
  4. I’ve only used someone else’s ID twice in my life. I somehow always got to get away with getting into clubs underage. The first was to get my belly button pierced (for the first time, I’ve gotten it done twice) and the second, they knew I was using someone else’s ID but they let me in anyways, AND gave me back the ID. HAHA. ONCE I pouted and got let into a 21+ Club/Lounge on my 19th Birthday. BUT ever since I turned 21 I had SOOO much trouble getting into places. WTH! Once I even got QUIZZED on my astrological sign and etc… dumbpoops. :P
  5. I’m obsessed with buying panties…. I have so many and so many kinds that I could probably wear a different pair everyday for at least a year once. I even buy kid’s panties!!! TMI???
  6. I used to eat “I cant believe it’s not butter” when I was a kid out of the tub >_<; EEW!
  7. When I was little I tried cooking rice in a glass bowl in the microwave and the bowl split right in half and slight my hand open.

I was trying to come up with people to tag but I think everyone’s been tagged already… so if you want to share details, please please do :] I love reading tidbits about peoples!!!

Dinner was… a lot of random stuff…

Steamed Kale & 2 chunks of 豆腐乳 :]

I ate ALL of it!!! NOM!!!

And then some sauteed Mung Beans w/ Hot Peppers… SOOO GOOD!!!!

I ended up eating more than HALF the plate.

There was also a tofu/pork dish but I wasn’t in the mood for any meat.

BUT………….. I WAS STILL HUNGRY!!!!.. which is strange because I wasn’t when I first started eating.. but then you know how they say that spicy food can open up the appetite (at least us chinese ppls do hehe, we call it “open stomach”)

So I had Chinese vegetarian ham w/ 大白菜 (Big White Cabbage)

It was sooo good, I used to LOVE Chinese vegetarian ham when i was a kid. My mom would panfry them crispy and make sammiches with fried eggs :]

So I ate the rest of the roll sliced up and fried CRISPY!!!

DESSEEEEEEEEEEEERT I had Indigo Rabbit Chocolate Pillows..

& then I tried 3 chocolates from Coco :]

This was a yummie soft cookie sammich :]

& a Murroc.. but I forgot to take a pic of me eating it @_@ SOOO GOOD!!! Now I know why she’s addicted to them!! SO HARD not to eat them all!!

25 Rambutans & 32 Longans while watching Wicked Little Things.. which was creepy because the kids were creepy.. but seriously, if there were no stupid people, there would be no scary movies.

I had a little wine that I bought on a trip to Acadia during Labor Day wkend this year. I totally forgot what I bought (it was from a wine tasting)

Apple Raspberry Wine.. it was way too sweet for what I wanted tonite tho :[

Dior’s sleepy face :]

Who else is a huuuge Top Chef fan???


  1. How sweet is coco?!
    As for Top Chef – OBSESSED. I always get totally attracted to the guys. LOL.


  2. Tiffie, so glad that you liked them! I had like 3 marrcs today!!!!! and 1 Dos corazones!!! it was a tough day, so I needed sweets!!!!!
    Which one did you like most?


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