Phew I survived last nite without eating anymore. I still could but I stopped myself. But I didn’t end up sleeping until almost 5am :[ I woke up early for work today tooo….. blah!!!

I woke up starving but I had meetings to get ready for and work to be done so I, naughtily, held back on breakfast until my first meeting was over. I also woke up with swollen glands/neck and really stuffed up… Crap! I’m sick :[ What this calls for? Oatmeal!!!!

It looks tiny but wait’ll you see how unsuspectingly big the cup is….

At around 11 I made a delicious HOT STEAMING HUGE BOWL of MANGO Oats!!!

(sorry my stupid iphone has been giving me weird photos lately)

1/2c Oats
1 Whole Mango Chopped up
1/4c Wheatberries
1 tbs Flaxseed
Splash of Tahitian Vanilla

YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM!!! This is one of my HUUUUGE mugs I got from Starbucks over the wkend I talked about. My oats were a little bit more liquidy at first so I had to let it soak up the juices a bit (and I started eating some out of the pot) I ended up sprinkling some shredded toasted coconut on top too but hungrily ate it all before I remembered to take a picture :] It’s taking me almost an hour to finish (still eating it now) The mango has cooked down a lot but there are still some nice chunks in them!!! And of course I LOOOVE my oats a bit chewier and I loooove wheatberries :] Sigh* it’s been awhile Oatmeal, you’re still the bestest!!!

See ya’ll at Dinner :]

I love bunny cookies!!!!

Don’t forget to join the “Cookies Make Yoga Fun!” Giveaway from the awesome Grounded Fitness :] They’re soooo super cute!!!!

I’m having one of those nites that Coco had awhile back…. starving and can’t sleep. I’m doing work and browsing blogs (currently reading backlogs of Eat, Live, Run) I KNOW I should be doing work or sleeping but I’m distracted and SO SO hungry.

Let’s start with the morning. I woke up and right away I had to get to meetings. I was flustered and finally at 2 I had a break so I took a quick shower and grabbed some fruit….

Guava + Chia :]

But mid 2nd or 3rd piece I was already in my 230 meeting >_<;

My tummie was starting to grumble so I had my Gummy vites for the day (yay for them NOT counting as candy TEEHEE)

By 4ish after my last meeting I was hungry, but I decided to take a nap. Around 630 my mommy woke me up and said she was gonna make me dinner. Usually I make dinners because I LOOOOVE to cook but I’ve been super stressed lately >_<; She’s really been trying to make me eat more too.. so she was happy and I was… still half asleep haha…

Hericots Verts & Broccolini (it was OLD tho so they were bad.. see they were yellowed… I totally forgot about these in the back of my fridge for forever…)

Two bowls of delicious tomato/sprouts soup!!!

空心菜 w/ Garlic

I sprinkle hot pepper flakes & cayenne on like EVERYTHING

Garlic Chive Flowers w/ Fish Cakes and Pork and THREE bowls of white rice

Lily Bulbs & Mushrooms

I love how my mom cooks with less oil and is a bit more adventurous now (esp with food combos and asking me about tips) hehe…she’s an awesome cook but so stuck on traditional chinese foods :] It’s hard to get her to change her ways.

I watched August (Josh Hartnett is SOOOO hot in it!! Not that he’s ever NOT!!) tonite while eating my last 2 cherimoyas (need to go stock up again!!!)

Now onwards to my hunger… INTENSE hunger.. it all started around midnite…

1c of Kashi GoLean

A tub of organic dried mango

Ok, this is embarressing but I ate this ENTIRE new box of Chocolate Decadence with Almond milk tonite. @_@ It was one of the free things I got at TJ’s during their BINGO games.. it was SOO good and it was a good two heaping bowls in my BIG bowl. Scarily enough I’m still hungry :[ I think my DOG GOT ME PREGNANT, that sneaky pup ;]

BTW, I’m newly obsessed with Indigo Rabbit cookies (they’re from MA!!! YAYYY!!!) They’re LO-CAL and super healthy and really yummy!!!

I also tried the Lemon one and a Chocolate one… I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the peanut butter ones (which, if you look at the ingredients are only pb, squash+sweetpotato, cane juice & egg, seriously, that’s IT!!!!)… next are the ginger ones… then the chocolate one… which was puffy but slightly dry. But… I wasn’t a fan of the Lemon ones >_<; It just tasted kinda off and it wasn’t as soft and chewy as the rest. I didn’t buy the Cinnamon Almond ones.. but I will when I grocery shop this wkend (and I’m buying another box of the PB kind)

ANYHOO. I’m excited about this week’s BSI which is SWEET POTATO!!! Need to stock up on more :]