Grapes & Fiji

I have a bad habit of NOT drinking water. I know I know you’re thinking WTF?!?!… But yes… I get MOST of my liquids from fruits and tea and coffee and wine. The last three being very dehydrating, so often I find myself dehydrated and bloated. This happens mostly when I’m w@h…. which is often lately. I didn’t drink ONE glass of water this weekend. I woke up today craving water and grapes. So after going back and forth between oats, peppy kernals, yogurt or anything else for breakfast. I went with what my body craved…

So grapes and water is what I had…

Followed by a ton of guava dipped with my tbs of Chia Seeds :]

Also took a break from work and played with some scratch tickets…

These grapes were huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge :] And sweet and juicy!!! I’m having a HUUUUUUUUGE fruit/water coma this afternoon @_@

*chug chug chug* Munching on my vitamins!!! They all taste so different and have different chews to them :] HEHE, yay!

See you guys at dinner!!!


  1. it seems to be a detox day~~~
    I haven’t done it for a long time…and it’s getting hard to do it in winter.


  2. John Lee says:

    Win any money on scratch tix?


  3. I can never seem to stop drinking long enough to detox.


  4. Yummmy grapes and gummy bears. What great snacking materials~


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