Salad, Fruits, Bread & NO CANDY :D

First off, Don’t forget to enter In Her Shoes’ ZAP pb contest by Friday!! You can learn more about ZAP and the winnings here :] (and read a cool blog too hehe) It’s some new pb that’s blended with 10 superfoods (including: carrot, kale, spinach, beets, blueberries & strawberries) too awesome!!!!

Strangely I was starving for something…. cold?! The whole day I expected my brain to crack and just want warmth and my oats and ooey gooey somethings… For ahwile I craved Zha Jiang Mien and then suddenly I remembered that I had beets that needed to be finished off and basil to eat before it went brown. BEAUTIFUL Basil. (I LOOOVE basil and eat it like baby spinach!!!)

A BIG handful or two of roughly chopped FRESH Basil
Double that in Baby Spinach
1 thinly sliced beet
1 large tomato
1 chopped up mango (it was lonely in the fridge)
1 tbs flaxseed
1/4c Wheatberries

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FREAKING GOOD. Took me over a good 1/2 hour to eat (while I read cooking mags) I started making it with a big noodle bowl but after the spinach and the basil it was already super puffy so I went super sized ;]

Afterwards I finished off the last tiny beet :] It was lonely.

I was scared I was still hungry and my mind raced around thinking.. oats? Cereal? Yogurt? SWEEEEEEEEETS!!!!!!… (I CRAVEEE this pineapple upside down cake I saw Giada make today…) BUTTTT… I breathed in and out, in and out and let myself wait a bit before I realized I was full. But I still wanted to bake so I’m currently baking ADZUKI BEAN CAKE BREAD!!!! (Recipe is in below post)

Look at those yummie CHUNKS of delicious sweet red bean :] YUM!!!

edit @ 1130pm
I TOTALLY overdid fruits tonite. SOOo good but I’m SOO stuffed!!!

2 Cherimoyas

25 Rambutans & 24 Longans!!!

I’M OBSESSED :] (and have to pee so much.. hahaha)


  1. hahah….. very healthy eats Tiffie, at least you resisted the temptation of having candies. Fruits are good substitute in this case. And that aduki bean cake……mmmmmmmmmmmm……… I can smell it from here!
    Recipe please!


  2. FollowMyWeigh says:

    lol yea i can tell u really like fruits! thats a good thing though ;D.

    (just in case you didn’t read my response comment on my blog) i’d love to visit boston! i’ve never been to the east coast though i have been meaning to for yeaaaars now.


  3. everything looks so good! Your bowls are gorgeous, too!

    Kelly Turner


  4. Yum that salad you made looks really good! Pretty colors.


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