Friday & Saturday… Too much Candy… @_@


I finally had a bowl of barley & adzuki beans (no more jujubes!!! *sad face*) around 4…

I knew dinner was around the corner but I was starved….

I didn’t wanna wolf down too much for dinner so I had a delicious honeycrisp!!!

I was thinking of steamers… or maybe a steak or turkey for dinner but instead I decided to stop by Barnes & Nobles, buy some new cookbooks and grab another salad at Whole Foods :D

Spinach, Zucchini, Summer Squash, Cucumbers, Corn, Peas, Edamame, Cherry Tomatoes, Celery, Artichoke Hearts

I had it all with a side of my homemade beets & super spicy salsa!!!

Yummmm!!! I *heart* beets!!!

This stuff is soooo freaking spicy, just a tiny bit really played up my salad. I usually DON’T use dressings because I think a great salad doesn’t need it so you can taste all of the different flavorings of each veggie… but I like sprinkling hot pepper flakes sometimes so this salsa was awesome.

New books and Bon Appetit

I finally found my whole grains book that I’ve been wanting for awhile. I LOOOOOOOOOVE it!!!

Grain p0rn Centerfold: 


I ended up eating ALL OF THIS!!!!!!! & then a pack of GUMMY TUMMY PENGUINS too!!!

& of course PEACHY O’s…

 I have a horrible sweet tooth :[ I also had a lot of pb from the jar…


The last of the barley & adzuki. I can’t wait to eat oatmeal again!!!

I went to a wine tasting today :] I got ID-checked.

I ended up buying a deliciously sweet German Riesling :]

Preparing for dinner…

Making truffled sweet potato fries!!!!

EVOO, S&P, Black Truffle Oil :]

This week’s BSI!!! Here’s the recipe for my Tofu Eggplant Black Bean Burgers

Making Butternut Squash puree… I needed to use it up before it went bad… I added a carrot & an apple for sweetness… Boiled it with a bit of water and a cinnamon stick under fork tender, then I pureed it with my stick blender (which is great for my newly found love for pureed soups and stuff)

My side dish mix.. of FRESH wheatberries (I missed them so I made them today!!!), chinese chives, kale & my squash puree… TASTES SO GOOD sprinkled with hot pepper flakes!!!!

The picture perfect dinner plate!!

After dinner I had 2 Cherimoyas.. and tons of Neon NITE Crawlers (from Russo’s…) I also had MORE pb & some chocolate toffee crunch… >_<‘ I’m getting so fattttttt… hahaha OK. I promise if I get any closer to hitting the 110 mark (eep!!!! scary!!!) I am SO cutting out sweets for awhile….. need.. to…run… tomorrow…..


  1. New vegan cookbooks….I want them too!!!! please let me know which one you liked most so I’ll get it too!
    Your dinner looks great!!1 I wish I could be there to have them all, specially the burger. ^_^
    have a nice sunday!


  2. Love you food – always do; love your new cookbook stash – divine; love your BSI entry – LOVE LOVE!


  3. seeleelive says:

    is there even such thing as too much candy??!


  4. Lucky you, they still check your ID. Lovely, Enjoy it. Cheers


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