Art, Baklava, Clams & 3D glasses

I am swearing off CANDY (gummies, lollipops, etc…) til Thanksgiving!!!! An occasional piece of DARK CHOCOLATE is okay but nothing else. NO cookies, cakes, desserts, etc… UNLESS it’s the weekend and when I EAT OUT, I’m not allowed to buy it home. I’m getting pudgey and totally unhealthy. All the stress from work is really upping my sugar intake and since diabetes runs in my family, I really need to be more careful. PLUS, I need to detox, especially since I feel so crummy lately, due to other health reasons >_<; BUT if I eat candy, you can e-punch/kick/nunchuck my booty :D

It was SO gorgeous out I NEEDED to get out of the house despite feeling really down in the dumps. So I went to the MFA!!! I haven’t been there since summer and there were some new exhibits I wanted to check out.

I LOOOOVE it here, I can spend hours and hours drawing and writing in this museum since I started coming here in the 5th grade!!!!! What can I say, I love FOOD, FASHION & ART!!!… hmm, MUSIC too… I guess I’m just an all around artsy girl :]

OHOHOH BEFORE I FORGET *can’t contain excitement!!!* Guess which GUMMY VITAMIN is the newwwwwwwwwwww one….???? :D Hehehe *giggle giggle fart fart*


It was the ONLY way for my parents to get me to start taking vitamins again… so EVERY MORNING after I shower and get ready and start popping them :] Even tho now I also take vitamins with my herbal drink (iron… multi… C, this and that.. so many >_<;) I STILL LOVE THESE!!!

Does anyone ELSE eat these other than the super duper cool Gliding Calm & Moi?

(btw, if you guessed the IMMUNE C ones you win an e-cookie!!!)

Guava on the drive there…

I needed a snack tho before I began my wondering around the hallways…. I also needed a pick me up caffeine boost… I wasn’t really hungry and was content with my coffee… but then I had a slight chew craving… plus my partner in crime wanted some munchies… (Note: I was KINDA curious about their Roasted Pumpkin Salad…. but then opted out of it…. I don’t like getting prepared squash outside cuz they always overdo it on the butter, oil, sugar, etc… and most of the time I never like the way it comes out as opposed to making it myself… hehehe, I’m so picky!!!)

Coffee Break @ the Courtyard Café!!!

What should I get???

Spiced Walnut Baklava w/ Orange-Honey Syrup
While this was on the sweet side it was SOOOOOOOO delicious and you could really taste the orange (you could even see the orange zest!!!) I ate.. most of it :] HAHA.. 

+ Turkish Coffee Pudding Tart w/ Cardamom Cream
I wasn’t impressed :[ Especially next to the Baklava… this looked like a cheap defrosted tart with some mildly flavored coffee pudding plopped sloppily in it. Baklava was worth the 7.95$ this was SOOO not! At least I KINDA got my coffee’s worth getting over 3 refills :] Hahaha…

I had a great time at the museum… :] It closed at 445 since it was a Sunday :[ Boo! I stopped by Starbucks…

& Walgreens (for some bandaids + more cooking mags + the chinese paper for my parents) on the way home….

I’ve had a HORRIBLE stomachache all day :[ I got some niiiice herbal tea!!!! It didn’t really help tho :[ 

Super Dinner for my Anemia!!!! (well, according to Health Castle)

Steamed Brussel Sprouts (Iron Absorption Enhancer) & Steamed Clams (Execellent source of Heme Iron) !!! (I’ll explain what that sauce/other dish is in a sec)

I LOOOOVE steamed brussel sprouts.. so sweet!!!
I sprinkle it with TONS of hot pepper flakes :] 

Steamed Clams + Tabasco = LOVE!!!

I had some of the soup too, MMM so good!!!
I had like 34 of these babies!!! I need more more more…. 

& then my mommy made Taiwanese 炸酱面 (Zha Jiang Mien) – since there are different versions slightly varied by where you go…. Koreans make 자장면 really good too :]

SOOOO thick and chunky with lots of veggies and pork :]  Nice + Spicy too!!! NOM!!! This was on Shirataki Noodles :]

I’m off to watch JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH with the 3-d glasses the movie comes with :D

I have meetings startng at 8:30 tomorrow morning, my back is super sore and I feel so horrible and lightheaded so I think I’m gonna work at home again.. which means, I’m SO making myself a HUGE piping bowl of PUMPKIN OATS in the morning :] Well, I’m between that and carrot cake oatmeal (inspired by Erica)…. we’ll see how much time I have between meetings/work to do it.

(btw, I thought I’d share my PB stash…)
They’re all almost empty, except the Heat is On which I haven’t opened yet…

I STILL CAN’T FIND MIGHTY MAPLE!!!! *freaks out* I only saw it ONCE at my local WF and then NEVER again, ANYWHERE :[ My favorites so far are…. Bee’s Knees, White Chocolate Wonderful & Cinnamon Raisin Swirl…. ok, I love them all, but the Dk. Chocolate Dreams actually doesn’t appeal to me – strangely enough… 

I bought lots of AWESOME HUUUUUUGE MUGS from Starbucks today that I can eat my OATS in :D I’m SO excited.. hahaha… I also bought Dora the Explorer band-aids, YAY!


edit @ 1102pm
Journey to the Center of the Earth was AWESOME!!! The 3d glasses made me dizzy tho so after a little bit I switched back to the 2d version.

I’ve been in a thriller/drama/horror movie craze lately so a nice fun kid action movie was AWESOME!!! I think I’m gonna watch ALL kiddie movies this week :]

I had a piece of dragonfruit

& 2 Cherimoyas!!! ♥

My new love, my new crack!!! Crackity cracky crack :]

NIIIIIIIIIITE!!! I’m gonna try to go to bed early, but I might fail cuz I really wanna read some cookbooks and cooking mags :]

Friday & Saturday… Too much Candy… @_@


I finally had a bowl of barley & adzuki beans (no more jujubes!!! *sad face*) around 4…

I knew dinner was around the corner but I was starved….

I didn’t wanna wolf down too much for dinner so I had a delicious honeycrisp!!!

I was thinking of steamers… or maybe a steak or turkey for dinner but instead I decided to stop by Barnes & Nobles, buy some new cookbooks and grab another salad at Whole Foods :D

Spinach, Zucchini, Summer Squash, Cucumbers, Corn, Peas, Edamame, Cherry Tomatoes, Celery, Artichoke Hearts

I had it all with a side of my homemade beets & super spicy salsa!!!

Yummmm!!! I *heart* beets!!!

This stuff is soooo freaking spicy, just a tiny bit really played up my salad. I usually DON’T use dressings because I think a great salad doesn’t need it so you can taste all of the different flavorings of each veggie… but I like sprinkling hot pepper flakes sometimes so this salsa was awesome.

New books and Bon Appetit

I finally found my whole grains book that I’ve been wanting for awhile. I LOOOOOOOOOVE it!!!

Grain p0rn Centerfold: 


I ended up eating ALL OF THIS!!!!!!! & then a pack of GUMMY TUMMY PENGUINS too!!!

& of course PEACHY O’s…

 I have a horrible sweet tooth :[ I also had a lot of pb from the jar…


The last of the barley & adzuki. I can’t wait to eat oatmeal again!!!

I went to a wine tasting today :] I got ID-checked.

I ended up buying a deliciously sweet German Riesling :]

Preparing for dinner…

Making truffled sweet potato fries!!!!

EVOO, S&P, Black Truffle Oil :]

This week’s BSI!!! Here’s the recipe for my Tofu Eggplant Black Bean Burgers

Making Butternut Squash puree… I needed to use it up before it went bad… I added a carrot & an apple for sweetness… Boiled it with a bit of water and a cinnamon stick under fork tender, then I pureed it with my stick blender (which is great for my newly found love for pureed soups and stuff)

My side dish mix.. of FRESH wheatberries (I missed them so I made them today!!!), chinese chives, kale & my squash puree… TASTES SO GOOD sprinkled with hot pepper flakes!!!!

The picture perfect dinner plate!!

After dinner I had 2 Cherimoyas.. and tons of Neon NITE Crawlers (from Russo’s…) I also had MORE pb & some chocolate toffee crunch… >_<‘ I’m getting so fattttttt… hahaha OK. I promise if I get any closer to hitting the 110 mark (eep!!!! scary!!!) I am SO cutting out sweets for awhile….. need.. to…run… tomorrow…..