Last Nite & DOH’s new posters

I feel HORRIBLE right now and have absolutely NO appetite. I’m in bed and my stomach feels all grumbly from all my veggies from last nite. But what an amazing salad it was!!!!

I admit I was a little hungry still afterwards and I was too lazy to cook my wheatberries (i’m out of pre-cooked ones) to add to it… but then I breathed in and out, took a shower and my dinner finally caught up with me and I was happy and satified!!!

Close up of my veggie yumminess….

Spinach, zucchini, corn, peas, beets, celery, carrots, cherry tomatoes… hericot verts.. I was sad there were no mushrooms :[

Making some beets so I can snack on them this weekend….

At the Whole Foods I also picked up some mini bags of chips at the salad bar… carrot ones, taro ones and pumpkin ones :] I also got some carrots, fresh basil (I eat it like spinach), a sweet dumpling squash, a tiny tiny acorn squash (too cute not to), annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd…..

PB!!!! Cinnamon Raisin & Heat is On…. I couldn’t find Bee’s Knees or Mighty Maple :[ Just the chocolate ones… the plain ones and these… BUT I have to return the spicy one because it’s freaking… 5 months PAST expiration date :P WTF!!!!

I came home to this at my garage:

My long awaited package from Bob’s Red Mill!!!!!!

Rolled Triticale, Rye Flakes, Rolled Barley, Peppy Kernels (okay part of the reason I bought this WAS the name.. but it’s got Rolled Oats, Rolled Wheat, Cracked Wheat, Sesame Seeds, Hulled Millet and Wheat Bran in it!!!), Kamut Berries, Spelt Berries (I hope I like them as much as my wheat berries!!!)

Pack of 4 of my thick rolled oats *LOVE*

I was super duper sore so I, stupidly, took 3 Tylenol PMs. I didn’t feel anything for the longest time and then it hit me mid-movie (I watched The Unborn) and it was like I was on drugs the rest of the night.

I had a large juicy super sweet mango!!! While Dior had her apple :]

(weird iPhone pic again. hahah I’m really starting to enjoy getting these)

3 pieces of dried pomelo!!!

It was a blur but I remember munching on a bag of Peachy O’s and the rest of my 85% dark chocolate.

I got a DORA card in the mail today from an awesome friend of mine = Happy Tiffie :D


(I like to freeze or put my chocolates in the fridge so they’re hard and take awhile to eat…!!!)


Check out these new posters from NYC’s DOH!!!

(You can click the posters to open them up larger!!!)

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