Meetings & Rain = :[ Carbo Loading = :]

I’m behind in posting and replying to comments… forgive me.. today was a hectic day again… Meetings from 830-2 and then an eye doctor appointment (which I ended up changing it to December since I’m swamped with work now) but since I’ve been w@hing so much I need to get out of the house so I’m at Starbucks right now. I managed to slurp down a bowl of barley, jujubes & adzuki during my 1pm meeting (I added extra water to it before I warmed it up so it would be nice and soupy!!!)

My chubby leg haha… my two laptops and me on a conference call…. >_<;

Venti Americano!!!

I need something in my belly so I’m eating a cup of GoLean (I always pre-bag a few baggies so I can grab them on my way out the door in a hurry!!!) I’m planning on hitting up Whole Foods after I finish up work at Starbucks to get a nice salad… it’s all cuz of Kath and her yummie salad lunch today ;]

Last nite I had a little over a glass of red wine….

15 Blackberries… :] & 1/2 of my Dark Chocolate bar :] I like my other brand better, this one has more sugar in it so it didn’t taste as dark even tho the other one is 71% and this one’s 85%. I’m weird, I like bitter baking dark chocolate that has like NO sugar in it.

A bag of Gummy Tummies Penguins (i couldn’t stop at a few… my daddy loved them too!!!)

& then a handful of these Fruit Jellies!!!

(Sammie, all your fault!!! I LOOOOOOOOOVE them, haha so bad yet soo goooood!!!)

And unpictures, I ended up finishing off my Bee’s Knees PB & about a handful of raw Walnuts. I couldn’t sleep again and ended up going to bed ridiculously late. I was exhausted but I got to FINALLY catch up with *someone* on the phone … I was gonna do some work but decided that I needed a break. So cookbooks and phone conversations (and nuts!!!) kept me company thru-out the night. My sweet tooth has been OUT of control lately. I’m not sure why and I’m kinda depressed that I’ve packed a few (I guess they’re “needed”) pounds. But I’ve packed them nonetheless. Seems to be a problem fellow bloggettes have been mentioning lately. I’ve been a lot more lax with my candy intake >_<; and not exercising as much… winter padding?!… stress?!…

I’m really excited for my WF salad tonite, it’s been awhile :] I’m going to one that I don’t usually go to for salads so I hope they have awesome options!!! I also need to pick up some baby spinach, carrots, garbanzo beans (TJ’s didn’t have no-salt ones… boo) & pb&co Mighty Maple!!!

I’ve been reading up on what to eat for my Anemia thanks to FIona… while i know I should be eating meats and stuff like that.. I’ve been eating a lot more… Vegan… with seafood… I didn’t mean to, it just happened… I still eat it all tho. (Fatty Pork Love!!! haha) ANYHOO…

I was surprised that spinach was a iron-absorption inhibitor!!!! So you have to eat it with things that’ll enhance the iron absorption :O Insane huh? OK so I love all the inhibitors… whole grains, soy, those veggies they list… red wine, coffee, tea :[ The best things for me are like… LIVER & clams, mussels, oysters… ehhh…