Lack of Appetite? Tiffie must be sick…

I ended up having another bowl of barley, jujubes & adzuki beans… I had meetings until 5 and actually passed out at the end of the last one :[

I woke up, cleaned up a bit, ate 5 strawberries…

& went to Trader Joe’s to buy some more chocolate bars… obviously I came back with more :]

I was planning to yesterday but ended up not going… PLUS I’m putting together two care packages to send out to two VERY VERY awesome ladies :] So not EVERYTHING is pictured… so that some of it can be a surprise!!!

HAHA… I ALWAYS forget to post grocery pics but I kept telling myself to remember, for my beloved Julz ♥ Hehehe… I got mainly snacks because I’m *gasp* almost OUT!!!!

Chocolate Crossiants, Dried Pomelo, Gummy Tummie Penguins, TJ’s TF&C Cereal for Grace :], Freeze-Dried Mangosteens, Freeze-Dried Rambutans, Bed-Time Tea, Raspberry Sorbet, Mango/Tangerine Sorbet, Candied Pecans, 85% Dark Chocolate, Bananas, Brown Rice Marshmallow Treats, Canned Corn (No Salt)

No Pudge Fudge Brownie Mix (for my lazy baking days), more 71% Dark Chocolates…!!!!!, 4 ThinkTHIN bars (one of each flavor) & the Fruit Jellies Sammie was eating :]

Dinner was a tossup between savory or sweet oats. Savory won. I’ll save my berries for dessert tonite :]
Simple and delicious. I was so tired that I ended up making 1c of oats instead of 1/2c.. but my mom gladly split it with me… I also added my wheatberries & flaxseed :] & ate it with my lovely 豆腐乳!!! (3 pieces)

So pretty & simple!!!

Alas, dinner was forced down, it was good and def chewy (which made me happy) but I have no appetite :[ That’s when you know I’m sick. I stop eating except for fuel.

I am totally gonna be having some chocolate or sorbet tonite.. along with some wine, I REALLY need it.. my plans of going to this (it’s okay John we’ll find another munchtime!!! I’m really craving THAI lately!!! Let’s go!!!) was ruined cuz I passed out during my last meeting and just woke up feeling HORRIBLE… I was SUPER grumpy @ TJ’s… and eventually got cheered up a bit with my yummies… and dinner def. helped make me feel a bit better… I’m gonna take another shower and then pop a bottle of wine and snuggle up on the couch with my puppy and watch a movie :] I *am* really excited to try my Gummie Tummies Penguins tho :]

The good, the bad, the ugly when it comes to W@Hing…

I used to think it was no big deal being able to work thru a whole day forgetting to eat. NOT lately. Especially in my condition. I could barely get out of bed this morning to use the bathroom :[ So working at home it was… on top of feeling super weak… my back is KILLING me and I feel so nauseous :[ I was trying to convince myself to go for a jog but realized that passing out mid-conference call was probablyyy a bad foretelling of the day to come. ALSO, the fact that 830-5 of meetings and I JUST got to start eating my FIRST MEAL of the day (yes it’s 1pm) is also not a good sign. Meetings running into meetings into meetings.. finally I said “I have had NO time to do any actual work for the next string of meetings” so we have a break and I have to work. On the other hand I get to work in PJs all day and eat warm freshly prepared food instead of microwaved at work (fresh always is best!!!)

Huge Bowl of…

Barley, Adzuki Beans + Jujubes, freshly made this morning and still steaming hot!!! I’m probably gonna have another bowl after I finish this one :] MMM the heat from this makes me feel so much better in my tummie….