Barley, VOTE OR I KILL YOU (haha jk) & Health Update…

VOTE or I’ll beat you with my pink lunchbox. Then you’ll have to live with two shames. 1. You didn’t vote and contribute to HISTORY in the making & 2. You got beat up by a girl with a PINK lunchbox :]

Vote Dior!!! HAHA jk! .. maybe ;]

Last Nite:

I baked BEER bread again w/ my cherry blossom beer!!! This time for flavoring I added 1/4c Brown Sugar, 2 Bananas (one mashed, one sliced), dark & milk chocolate chunks, honey, Mexican vanilla… and drizzled the top with chocolate chunks and honey :] YUM!!! The whole house smelled AMAZING last nite!!!


& Dark Chocolate while watching BEOWULF (I LOOOVE this movie!!!)

Sour Patch kids while I watched Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives :] Guy Fieri Love!!!


Barley has currently replaced my oats *gasp* Not replaced as in love but just my current OBSESSION!!! :] SOOO GOOD!!! I’m starting to experiment and in two days I’ll get my Bob’s Red Mill package with things like Rolled Spelt, Rye & Barley to play up my oats with :] My mom says barley is really really good for skin sooo :] MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH!!!

Breakfast —
Coffee &

Pearled Barley, Jujubes & Red Beans (紅豆 or Adzuki Beans). I added water to it and microwaved it for 3.5 in my work microwave so it was hot bubbly and porridge-ier. Before it was kinda like rice. I like goop :] I take back what I said about thick soups and stuff, I’m starting to really really like “thicker” liquids. Lately I’ve been saying no to thin broths… I’d rather just drink hot water.. haha…

Now onto the health scare, I know some of you guys are worried and I was gonna wait until I had a real diagnosis and more doctor evaluation BUT… I’ve been in and out of doctor offices for awhile (past year or so) I had horrible nose bleeds and earlier this year I was diagnosed with anemia. I got my nose cauterized (for the second time in my life) about 2 months ago and that fixed the nose bleeding but my anemia has gotten worse (despite me taking supplements and eating a lot healthier) IN FACT SO, that Friday nite, after my physical, the blood lab doctor called me at 10pm to tell me that attention needed to be brought to this. My blood count level is dropping and has been dropping since my last visits to the doctor and they’re not quite sure why or where the blood is going. My anemia has also gotten a lot lot worse. FORTUNATELY it’s not so bad that I have to be hospitalized, but I do need to be careful since I’m always passing out, lightheaded and have shortness of breath (which explains a lot since I’m always tired, passing out, dizzy and can’t breath well, especially recently. BUT don’t worry I’m being careful and I already set up an appointment with a hematologist to figure out what’s wrong with me asap.

edit @ 1200pm

OOO exactly NOON! Anyways. SO. I have a meeting at 1215.. and that goes into my next meeting… and then another.. so basically 1215 – 3 SO… despite my lack of hunger from all that yummie barley & adzuki… I forced myself to eat a guava and a bag of grapes…

Haha “forced” makes it sound like it wasn’t enjoyable and while they were tasty, my stomach just ugh. Wasn’t enjoying adding more food to it…

I haven’t been feeling well and I’m having some issues breathing… >_<; Hopefully the guava+grapes will hold me over til after the meeting. I’m feeling a bit nauseous.. but I do have some more fruit and a bag of GoLean for the ride home (I’m leaving @ 3 to go vote!)

I smell french fries but I can’t stomach it right now :[ I was planning on making a vegetarian chili for dinner since I bought so many beans… I was gonna make a pumpkin or tomato based chili with beans, leeks, etc… but now I’m not so sure. Maybe just some pumpkin oats & steamed kale & I’ll make the chili tomorrow. BESIDES, I duno how long I’ll be in line for to vote after work today. Haha… we’ll see. OK, meeting time, see you guys after dinner!!!!

edit @ 219pm

A quickie before my 230 ;] I’m a rebel like that. I always need time to eat and blog!!!!
I was kinda hungry after my string of meetings, I can’t believe it’s almost the end of the day :] Woot!

A few more grapes.

1 kiwi & 2 strawberries…
My tummie feels a bit off :T

My voting gear today!!!!

Me working hard in my meetings …. doodling :] SHHH I really WAS paying attention I just like multitasking :]

EEEE leaving in 40 min to go VOTE!!! & then hopefully have time to stop by Trader Joe’s for a few items

BTW, to add to the FREE Starbucks & the FREE Ben & Jerry’s when you vote today you can ALSO get a FREE Krispy Kreme!!!!

Krispy Kreme


  1. Take care of yourself, Tiffany! You are like a stick and I worry abt you, especially since you eat so much and stay so skinny. Please take care of yourself!


  2. Oh Tiffie, you really should take care of yourself more. Do whatever doctors say to you and extra care on what you eat is needed if you have anemia. Last year I had anemia too and change my diet incorporating more meat and protein, last month I checked again and I’m fine now. I know that my problem is much less severe than your current situation, but just want to let you know that you can get better if you follow what doctors say and have to be strict with oneself to follow the instructions.

    And your bowl of barley looks amazing!!! I’ll get some soon!!!


  3. Oh no! I do hope you get better soon. As I already subscribe to your blog through my RSS on my iphone, maybe I should get text alerts, to stay on top of your condition =) Whew, so glad I watch House MD, I knew anemia like a snap of the finger. I guess our eventual food outing is wherever YOU want to go, since I’m not picky =)


  4. seeleelive says:

    haaha your title definitely gets our attention!! i really like your HELLO KITY spoon! and sour patch kids… ohhhh man! good choice. but the dark chocolate is really what i’m droolin over ! i treated myself to a reese’s peanut butter cup yesterday. really brightened up my day. it’s amazing how good it feels to treat yourself, don’t you agree?


  5. hey tiffie. i sent a PM to your facebook instead. the wine & chocolate looks divine. what a perfect way to top off the night! do you prefer red or white? i love red but i hate having purple lips & teeth. lolz


  6. Oh, BTW

    Free drinks and appetizers
    Wednesday, November 5th
    7 pm – 9 pm
    Top of the Hub
    800 Boylston Street, Boston, MA

    RSVP here

    Looks like something you may be into, I’ll be checking it out


  7. Show the Groc. Pics!!! <333 And I am keeping you in my heart, lovagirl! Sending you TONS of healthy vibes! And I JUST VOTED! LOVVVE IT!


  8. nice outfit for the event.
    And I can see what your drawing how interesting meetings you are having.


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