Back to the Daily Grind…

Because of my current health status, I’ll be working at home a lot more….

Since they took so much time and I’m at home today, I made Groats today!!!
It’s not voluminous like I like :[ I still *heart* my regular thick rolled oats :]

Guava & Starfruit

&……….. CHIA SEEDS!!!!!!!!!

I’m full, and I feel pudgey.. I wanna try to go for a run… but *yawn* not feeling well :[

I’m REALLY excited to have dinner tonite… the rest of my kale/butternut soup :] I’m also tempted to make this tofu satay & this stuffed avocado recipes that I happen to come by last nite while browsing my new vegan cookbooks :]

I’m behind in commenting on blogs :[ I’m in meetings ALL DAY!!! So I’ll catch up tonite!!! XOXO

edit @ 320pm

MWAHAHA.. as soon as I finished writing this I finally opened my box of Twigs, Flake & Clusters and munched on half a cup of it…. all I eat is GoLean so this was…. like a DESSERT!!!! *eyes widen* SWEET CEREAL (I duno it tasted really sweet to me) so for the next hour I munched on that 1/2 cup and then I just poured another half cup :] *snicker* OK!!! NO MORE MUNCHING before I ruin my dinner appetite!!!! I’ve hidden my box back in the kitchen and I’ll be going for a run after work so I’ll be kept busy until dinner :] HAHA OMG.. so hard not to go and get another FULL CUP of that!!!! I’m guessing that and some fruit’ll be dessert tonite for me ;]


  1. John Lee says:

    Boston Phantom Gourmet Beer & food Phest

    Will I be seeing ya there? Hehe, I know not exactly the healthiest stuff, but how do you turn down

    Aussom Aussie
    Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches



  2. what’s your health status? is it so serious to impede you to work? I began to worry about you.


  3. misstiffie says:

    John – OMG!!! That was the first thing I saw when I clicked on FOOD!!!! AUSSOM AUSSIE WAFFLE ICE CREAM SANDWICHES!!! I am SO there!!! :]


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