I’ve never been happier to eat leftovers…

I thought I’d share some new VEGAN cookbooks I got Sunday :] They’re so lovely!!!

My Chocolate Orange Ginger Tea w/ my Boston Mag

Making dinner tonite.

Garlic, Onions, Mushrooms, Fake Turkey Ground, Taiwanese Cabbage and Garlicky Eggplant Sauteed and plated on Steamed Swiss Chard

Leftover Butternut Squash/Apple/Kale Soup

After a bite I remembered how much I needed to chew on my Wheatberries.

Back to the Daily Grind…

Because of my current health status, I’ll be working at home a lot more….

Since they took so much time and I’m at home today, I made Groats today!!!
It’s not voluminous like I like :[ I still *heart* my regular thick rolled oats :]

Guava & Starfruit

&……….. CHIA SEEDS!!!!!!!!!

I’m full, and I feel pudgey.. I wanna try to go for a run… but *yawn* not feeling well :[

I’m REALLY excited to have dinner tonite… the rest of my kale/butternut soup :] I’m also tempted to make this tofu satay & this stuffed avocado recipes that I happen to come by last nite while browsing my new vegan cookbooks :]

I’m behind in commenting on blogs :[ I’m in meetings ALL DAY!!! So I’ll catch up tonite!!! XOXO

edit @ 320pm

MWAHAHA.. as soon as I finished writing this I finally opened my box of Twigs, Flake & Clusters and munched on half a cup of it…. all I eat is GoLean so this was…. like a DESSERT!!!! *eyes widen* SWEET CEREAL (I duno it tasted really sweet to me) so for the next hour I munched on that 1/2 cup and then I just poured another half cup :] *snicker* OK!!! NO MORE MUNCHING before I ruin my dinner appetite!!!! I’ve hidden my box back in the kitchen and I’ll be going for a run after work so I’ll be kept busy until dinner :] HAHA OMG.. so hard not to go and get another FULL CUP of that!!!! I’m guessing that and some fruit’ll be dessert tonite for me ;]

Halloween Weekend

(I wrote this last nite but forgot to publish it HAHA until now…)

What a blur. I’m in the midst of a health scare… :T More details when I get more testings done… So here are the quick highlights!!!


GoLean after my doctor’s appointment and working at Starbucks

Hehehe, setup for Halloween!!! I was SOOoOOOOoOoo tempted to take some candy…. I probably would’ve but they ended up moving it closer to the door…


& Cioppino!!!! Legals is SLACKING!!!! There was SOO little soup and just ONE piece of fish.. thankfully the mussels were good cuz it was all that. Oh and 3 tiny scallops, two which were nasty and overcooked :[

I ended up working SOOO super late :[ & then I got the dreaded Phone call of the Health Scare :[

I made myself feel better with a caramel apple

The Butterfinger was pretty but the candy was stale and it just didn’t taste good together with the white chocolate & caramel so I didn’t eat it…

& then a nice bag of Peachy O’s.. (and I was COVERED in the sugar..)
I watched The Locker, but it was so bad that I only watched, 3minutes of The Locker 2 and switched to Organizm.

Dior fell asleep during the movie :]

I had another bag after I went upstairs…
(can you tell I’ve been in a candy mood?)


Barley!!! Lots and lots of barley!!!

Plain barley… halfway thru i missed my super chewy wheatberries!!!… So I added a tbs :]

I decided to go grocery shopping/hopping… :]

Had one of these from trick or treating…

& one of these… :] Sour Lemonade blow pop!!!

I just realized I had NO chia seeds this wkend :P I actually have no idea where I put my baggie of it… HMMMM

Cherimoya, TWO… from Russo’s :] (Check out my NEW SQUASH BOOK!!! Coco!!! You’d love this one too!!!)

Saturday Nite was HOTPOT nite at home. I was literally STUFFED with ALL of this. ALL OF IT. I ate sooo much I couldn’t move and my chest was sticking out. YEP. THE WHOLE TOP HALF OF ME :[

The set up…

Yum yum yum…. making the tasty soup…

All of my favorite things, look at those mushrooms, I ate them ALL!!!

Ginormous squids and lots and lots of watercress!!! YUMMMM!!!

Dior wanted some shabu too :]


My new slipper socks

And then I had 3 Whole Foods’ Vegan Gingersnaps…

They’re like one of my FAVORITE cookies!!!! They HAVE to be the vegan ones tho…

Getting my read on :]

I am such a fatarse :]

& TWO caramel apples

DIor’s share, and Mommy’s share…

The new kitchenware love of my life!!!

Hehehe, I really like this new commercial :]

OHHH I also had 2 bags of Peachy O’s.. and some sour Cherry Candies :]

I made my parents brunch to use up the bacon.

Pancetta Scrambled Egg Whites with Beans & Wheatberries for Mommy…


Pancetta Fried Egg for Daddy…

Barley w/ Jujubes and Red Beans

(I had TWO bowls!!! hehehe)

I went treadmill shopping & bookstore browsing and had a Guava along the way!!!!

Grape Lollipop

Most of 2 Starbucks Cookies.. the PB Cup & Sugar… & a VENTI Americano

I bought the new Boston magazine and 3 Vegan Cookbooks :] Including La Dolce Vegan & Candle Cafe Cookbook

ANYWAYS, onto the HIGHLIGHT cooking of the weekend was SUNDAY NITE!!!! I’ve been super excited to try Kath’s Butternut Squash-Kale Soup ever since I read about it and saw the video and just added a few smaller twists to it. Now that I made it once I know what I want to add/subtract from it :]

I tossed a little over 2lbs of butternut squash, 2 large carrots chopped, 2 large celery stalks chopped & a shallot roughly chopped into a big pot… I cooked it for awhile until it started getting fragrant. I added a BIG box of creamy carrot soup (Pacific) and simmered it until the veggies were soft. Then I pureed it with my NEW immersion blender!! Then I added cinnamon, nutmeg, cayenne, hot pepper flakes, paprika and course ground pepper into the soup.

I chopped up a large honeycrisp apple (unpeeled) into bite sized pieces, tons of kale (also chopped in bite-sized pieces) and lidded it up!!!

In another pan I sauteed two turkey breast tenderloins (bite sized) with rosemary, black pepper and hot pepper flakes til brown.

Bowling it up… I layered turkey, with the soup & garnished with toasted walnuts.

My bowl was soup & wheatberries :]

Dessert of 2 Cherimoya & Neon Brite Crawlers…

& thennnnnn, now, Red Vines & Pecans…


I’ve been dreaming about Chace Crawford like almost every night. HMMM, does that mean anything?

Isn’t he dreamy? *swoon* Hayden’s so freaking adorable too :]

I’ve also bought lots of yummies yet to come up on here…. like PB&Co. Bee’s Knees… lots and lots of beans (I’m gearing up for a nice yummie CHILI!!!), so on and so forth. I’m banned from buying squash til I finish what I have :] Mwahaha.. so I snuck in a couple cans of pumpkin ;]

I MISS OATS!!!! Oatmeal tomorrow :]