Monday Blues

Sorry my updates have been slow and sporadic. Work + Hospital trips are frequent and I’m always so tired :[

After a million meetings I had a quick brunch of Barley, Longans & Chinese Green Beans

Bowl 1

Bowl 2

Then I headed off for another Iron IV Treatment. I’m doing well :] My blood count is going up and my new blood cells are fatter now.


Dinner was raspberry, blackberry banana oats :]


TONNNS of silk soy yogurt :]

My mommy surprised me with a slice of cake from Russo’s!!

No idea what it was but it was creamy and light. And the almonds were yummy!!!

More yoga cookies

My last (and most favorite) one!!!

I had them all with Vanilla Hempmilk (this stuff is so good I had like half a carton)

I ended up snacking on some gummi worms from WF later while I worked :] *naughty*


Breakfast was

Mango Blueberry Oats!!!

With Silk Soy Yogurt!!!

AND THEN TWILIGHT!!! I loved it, altho it wasn’t AS good as I anticipated it to be, it was still good. LOVE the cast!!! I wish they were more detailed but it’s good to read the book before the movie!!! :] Lots of giggles and laughs (esp at Edward’s glares and Jasper’s stick-up-butt look hahaha…) BUTTTTT… hottest scene is when Edward & Bella PULL into school and he swings his arm around her and everybody’s staring… “he’s not looking, oh wait he is” EDWARD CULLEN IS SO HOT!!!!

I managed to not SNACK at ALL during the movie!!! I got hungry but just swooned over Edward Cullen :]

I had 2 pieces of guava before dinner tho when I got home.

Dinner was at Coach Grille :] YUM!

WARMMMMM bread + butter

Sorry the pic is so blurry

Pinot Noir

It was delicious but tasted horrible with seafood, spicy food and chocolate cake :[

Shrimp Cocktail

My fav – Clams Atlantic

Lobster :]

I cut myself really bad trying to open it tho :[ Bled a lot

My fav chocolate cake

It was even BIGGER than usual :]

I ended the night with WF Vegan Gingersnap Cookies (my favs!!!)

With a tall cold glass of Vanilla Hempmilk of course :]

I surprised my friend Randy (my foodie fanatic soulmate haha) with a customized ice cream from :] I was gonna make a cool fig, honey, lavender (how me), etc… or some CRAZY concoction… but ended up with a classic, very “US” flavor.

Base: Premium (14% Cream Base)
Flavor: Chocolate Merlot
Flavor: Banana
Mix-in: Hickory Smoked Bacon
Mix-in: Peanut Butter Swirl

Review: via text
Omg our ice cream was so chocolatey bananay peanut buttery bacony.

The chocolate was sweet and had the right amount of cocoa flavor, with a good hint of banana.  Then you like bite into a chunk of peanut butter…oh soo smooth.

Then the final note is smokey honey hickory bacon… wow unbelievable… would it be bad if I already had two and a half pint? I have to thank you for such a wonderful experience.

It’s such an addicting taste… I had a bowl with a cigar last night, it was so unbelievable. 

You guys should def. check out the website, the mixins and flavors are awesome and so many to choose from!!! Rachel Ray likes it too (haha)

Panera, BSI & COOKIES!!!

I absolutely CANNOT wait for Thanksgiving!!!
Turkey, Pies… YUM!!!!

Lunch was Panera.. I was planning on making some oatmeal for brunch before I went out to run errands BUT…… decided that it was gonna take up too much time.. so off I went…

A bit salty but delicious and filling :] Just what I needed on this FREEZING fall day.

Black Bean Soup and a Classic Salad

I went next door to buy some fish for our now, practically empty fish tank. The fish guy was cute so I think I spent more time choosing fish and asking about them then I normally would :] *blush*

I went to Costco and got some fudge samples :] PB&Choc, Belgian Choc, Belgian Choc walnut & Turtle Fudge :]

I made my parents my Pumpkin Pecan Turkey Breasts w/ Cranberry Shallot Sauce (this week’s BSI) for dinner.

We’re still in the process of cleaning out our fridge for filling it up with Thanksgiving dinner in a few days so… I used what I got :] I paired it with steamed broccoli and a Cranberry Spinach Quinoa :] DELICIOUS!! I nibbled but we only had TWO turkey breasts left and my stomach just wanted warm goop so I made myself… what else, OATMEAL :]

My dinner was Pumpkin Ginger w/ Blackberries Oats…

1/2c Oats
1 1/4c Water
1/2c Pumpkin
Slices of Ginger
1/4 Wheatberries
1 Package of Blackberries (174g)
2 tbs Wheatgerm
A TON of SILK Soy yogurt 

(which I didn’t like as much as my Wildwood, but I bought it and I should finish it! It’s waterier but still a good alternative to Wildwood if I can’t find it. You have to stir it up completely each time.)

Chunks of ginger and berries :]

I watched Sisterhood of Traveling Pants 2 while sipping on French wine & nibbling on chocolate covered fruits.

I adoreeeee the movie and MUST buy 1 & 2 to add to my collection!!!

Afterwards I had a sugar cookie… or two ;]

OK OK, I had two and then some yoga cookies!!!


& two more…

AND I love my new book!!!

Pumpkin Pecan Turkey Breast w/ Cranberry Shallot Sauce

BSI Entry of the week :]

Serves: 2

2 Turkey Breasts
2 tbs Wheatgerm
1.5 tbs Pumpkin Puree
1/3c Pumpkin Pecan Butter
White Wine
1 Large Shallot (1/2 diced, 1/2 sliced)
1 tbs EVOO 
1/4c Cranberries
1/3-1/2c Toased Pumpkin Seeds (however much you want, if at all, is fine) 

1. Preheat oven to 350 Degrees.
2. Sprinkle S+P, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cayenne on the Turkey Breasts.
3. Mix together the Pumpkin and about 3 tbs of the Pumpkin Pecan Butter in a small bowl and smother over one side of the turkey breasts.

4. Preheat pan with EVOO and add in 1/2 of the shallot (diced)
5. While that starts to sizzle and cook, sprinkle the wheatgerm on the turkey (over the pumpkin spread) and add the turkey breasts (pumpkin down) into the pan.

6. While that side browns sprinkle S+P, Cinnamon & Nutmeg on the other side.
7. In a small baking pan add in 1/2 of the shallot (sliced), the cranberries, about 2 tbs wine and the rest of the pumpkin pecan butter onto the bottom.

8. After that side is browned and crisp, turn it over to brown the other side.
9. When both sides are brown and crispy, put them into the pan (pumpkin side up) and cover it with foil. Pop it into the oven for about 15-20 min.
10. When done, take out, plate, drizzle the cranberry/shallot sauce in the pan and sprinkle with toasted pumpkin seeds!!!

I served it with some steamed broccoli & my cranberry, spinach quinoa. :D

Bad Service, Top Chef Talk and lottttttsa chocolate

First off…  anyone else watching Top Chef, Season 5 — Is it me or is this season seeming kinda…. lacking in talent?! I know it’s only been 2 episodes but there are so many…. sucky people on it @_@ Esp. the last episode I was SO disappointed in what they presented as food. I wish they cut Ariane instead of Patrick in the first episode. She just SUCKS. She should’ve left this week too… I mean seriously.. at least I’m glad Jill left.. now to get rid of Ariane, Josea… Gene… blah. I don’t like them really. I’m rooting for the Europeans :] Fabio’s awesome. Carla & Radhika seem cool too :] ANNND.. Jeff looks like Jesse Spencer from House :D HAHAHA… But the Europeans are the only ones that really stand out from the bunch… but then it IS only the beginning.. I reallllly hope this season doesn’t disappoint!!! 

I’m OBSESSED with Top Chef so expect rantings and ravings for the weeks to come :] OH and anyone else “surprised” that McKey won ANTM? *rolls eyes* it was expected.. altho when it came down to the final three I really like Analeigh :] SO CUTE. McKey’s win was sooo predictable from the beginning, she’s very fashion model-esque.. so *shrug* I really wanted Sheena to win *go asians* but alas :[ I also thought it was the worst final 3 ever!!! Samantha? She took nice pictures but in person she was too goofy and on the runway, no offense, she seemed too shlumpy. Eh. Maybe next season we’ll have more hot asians :] … OH and anyone else thought that Isis would’ve gone further? I expected Marjorie to win over Samantha @_@ UUBER LAME. OK OK, enough complaining and onto foods…

Last nite I was STARVING so I ate 5 dates before bed…

This morning/afternoon I had the last bowl of Barley, Chinese Green Beans & Jujubes…

And then I had ANOTHER Iron IV Session…


I was invited to a VIP event @ Sony Store.. it was a Private Sale so I ended up @ Copley for dinner.

Turner’s Fisheries

USUALLY I’m SOOOOOOO impressed with this place but I was SORELY disappointed today.. not cuz of the food (cuz it was amazing as always, altho a LOT smaller than I remember) but the service was HORRIBLE. Our waiter came by three times total and then TOTALLY forgot about us after giving us our food.

Bread & Buttttttahhhhhhh ♥


Clam Bake

It was good but the dinkiest “clam bake” EVER!!!! The “corn and potatoes” were just some small kernals and halves on the bottom of this. 3 mussels and like 3 clams?!?!? DOOD, its like a pre-snack snack for a fatty like me. @_@

Dinner Date’s Sea Bass

Dessert Menu

BUT like I said, service sucked.. so we skipped dessert. (I was gonna get the fig tart & sweet potato creme brulee too!!) The MANAGER offered complimentary dessert but I was pissed. We waited for SUCH a long time and got nothing (seriously it took us like half an hour of trying to wave ANYONE down just to get more hot water and a dessert menu.. and then another 20 minutes or so just to get ANYONES attention.. I was fed up and didn’t wanna be there anymore.. and refused dessert) so she ONLY took off the TEA on the bill and gave us a mopey apologetic pout. WTFREAK!!!! LAME. So not going back again.

If you go and you get the fat guy waiter with the accent, beware being ignored the WHOLE time.

So being full was epic fail.. I should’ve picked The Palm instead and gotten an iron-loaded steak.

(at least I got cool stuff @ Sony, including this FREE gift bag!!!!)

w/ cool stuffs INCLUDING a John Mayer Blu-Ray!!! Here’s some of the free stuff I got…

Check out all the chocolate covered fruits I bought today

I had half a pomelo and some chocolate covered orange slices, peaches and apricots (SOOO GOOD!!!! A NEW FAV) while watching An American Crime @_@ So disturbing, but this one was scarier and more graphic.

BROWNIE!!! SO fresh & soft :]

Kashi GoLEAN Crunchy Bar!! SOOOOO GOOD :]

And then a Yoga Cookie :]


Sorry this was a quickie post :] It’s late and I wanna readdddddddd some before bed :] NITE* And BSI recipe tomorrow!!!

Catching up and Biting Heads

SORRY I’VE BEEN MIA.. this week has been hectic!!!! But I need to announce THREE things first.

FIRST of all :] Don’t forget to go to GroundedFitness’ giveaway!!!! It’s an awesome mixed goodies package from Nature’s Path!! EEEE *crosses fingers*

SECOND of all…. I got the package from GroundedFitness’ LAST giveaway and got my YOGA COOKIES from Patti Page today :D I seriously couldn’t believe that I won cuz I NEVER win these things.. I was UUUUBER excited and took sooo many pictures hahahah.

It was so hard to pick which one to eat first but I couldn’t just let them go to waste…

You should SOOOOOOOOOOO go buy some, they’re SOOOO GOOD and SUPPPPPPPPPPPPER cute!!!

THIRD, I got an award from my lovable Coco!!!! :D I’m so excited!!! :] I looooooooove the foodie community and this makes me feel like I’m slowly becoming apart of it now :]

The Super Scribbler Award:


Here are the rules that come along with this great award:
1. Post the award on your blog
2. Link to me for giving it to you
3. Link the originating post here
4. Pass it on to five deserving people
5. Post these rules for your recipients

I would like to pass this award to these amaaaaaaaaaazing chickies :D OMG it was so hard to choose I’m addicted to so many amazing blogs!!!
– Front Studio Ladies of LUNCH
– Madison of Follow My Weigh
– Erica of Sweet Eats
– Erin & Andrea of Care To Eat
Gliding Calm

Monday, 11/17 —

So after my Soulmate Oatmeal I wanted something refreshing and I waited awhile for dinner so I had a guava!!!

I chugged as much water as possible the whole day… I’ve been feeling UUBER bloated lately :[ & constantly dehydrated…

Dinner was very GREEN!!!

Beef w/ Leeks

Chinese Chives!!! (my FAV!! I ate ALL of this myself!!)

The other two dishes were tofu basil & white asparagus and just sauteed garlic spinach!!!

My lovely chinese chives:

(see I love everything with hot pepper flakes and/or cayenne!!!)

I had a few bowls of carrot & super healthy aka Chinese Yam

I looooooooooooooooooooooove carrots & :D

MY daddy brought back THREE cookies for me from his seminar today :] Lucky little me!!! They were super fresh and deliciously yummie and chewy!!! MMM I love fresh baked goodness. I also watched Kung Fu Panda!!! :] I’m like PO!!! MMM Dumplings!!!

I still felt munchy so I had a super old Rice Krispy Treat, it was a little stale :[ But I’m a fatty and ate it anyways…

And then I finished up my two jars……. yea… scraped them clean @_@ Remember, I’m a fatty ;]

Tuesday, 11/18 —

I was SOO excited about this GREEN POMELO cuz at Russo’s they called it a RUBY POMELO. It was the same inside as my regular ones except it was SMALLER and less sweet.. WTF!! BOOOO!!!

I was sad but the guava made me happy again :]

For dinner I HADDDDDDDDDDDD to make my Fig Oatmeal again….

My Lavender Honey before I melt it…

This SOOOOOOOOOOO is food p0rn ;]

Oooey gooey yumminess…

My mom even stole a few spoonfuls!!

See my big big deep bowl!!!

At night I had…

More diced Pomelo…

And 2 Dates!!!

I also ended up eating fat neon brite crawlers in bed watching Food Network hahahah…

Wednesday, 11/19 —

I had some freshly made barley, chinese green beans & jujubes for breakfast

It was super yummy, as usual, so I had another bowl!!!

I had my SECOND Iron IV session. They took a few tubes of blood first and then told me that I was improving. My blood volume went from 24% to 27%. The doctor also asked me if I ate. I thought that was funny.

My drip bag!!!

Tube in….

My fat arm…

This called for a YUMMIE nutritious and super filling (fiberific) salad from WF!!

It was brimming and super heavy. The WF here is SO much better than the one near me. PLUS I love their salad bar more.
Corn, Hericots Verts, Beets, Cucumbers, Celery, Cherry Tomatoes, Edamame, Green Peas, Mixed Greens, Spinach!!!

I ate there (I love their little tables) and had some yummie green/black/white tea blened.


I came home to surprise cookies from mommy from Sel De La Terre!!
Chocolate Chip and two Coconut Sables…

And I finished off my gingerlicious Indigo Rabbit cookies…

They were sold to me expired :[ LAME. I didn’t realize this til after… But they were still soft and fluffy!!!

Later I had a bowl of cherries :]

Some dried pomelo…

And some dried DICED pomelo…

And then it got messy. I had a pack of dried mango.. two little boxes of chocolate and vanilla animal crackers, some taro chips and then like a WHOLE tub of lightly salted peanuts. @_@ OMG. Binge much?!?! I duno what came over me.

Thursday, 11/20 —

I woke up this morning terrified to get on the scale… but phew, I lost some bloat from the past week, back down to 106… I still feel uuber pudgey tho. I haven’t been under 105/106 in like two months :[

I had a mango for… “brunch” cuz my stomach was upset from all the junk last nite.

And later after work I took some fresh air :] Got a nice big venti Americano from Starbucks (w/ cinnamon and nutmeg)

Got some free fudge – PB/Choc and a Praline at a quick stop @ Costco (and I got some books and WALL-E!!!)

All I wanted for dinner was OATMEAL!!!

1/2c Oats
1 1/4c Water
1 Package of Blueberries
1 Honeycrisp Apple
2 tbs WheatGerm
1 tbs Flax
1/4c Wheatberries
Tahitian Vanilla
TONS of cinnamon
Dash of nutmeg

And the remaining HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE amount of my Soyogurt, it’s okay tho because yesterday when I went to the only WF that carries my fav brand of soy yogurt (Wildwood) to get dinner I bought another tub!!!

Look at those chunks of apple and blueberries, SOO freaking good!!!


My last Sel De La Terre Cookie that my mommy surprised me with yesterday :D

Doesn’t he look SUPER ZEN?!?!

So happy, blissfully awaiting his sacrification :D (yes I just made that word up)

I like to eat my cookies head first :]

The China Melamine Milk Scare

I got this in an email today so I thought I’d share it with everyone. I know it’s affected me and has made me kinda paranoid about what to eat/buy (I’ve basically just been avoiding buying China food products in general now, not that I do, just a snack here and there – like my beloved KOALA bears :[ pout* I had to throw all mine out)

I did NOT write what’s below the line, I just wanted to pass the info along to people who hasn’t been reading up much on it (or haven’t heard about it at all?!?!.. if there is anyone)


China milk poisoning incidents make everyone afraid to look at the daily news report.

Everyday, the reports are changing. No one can clearly tell us what to eat and what not to eat.

1.What really is poisoned milk?

It is milk powder mixed with ‘MELAMINE’

What is Melamine used for? 

It is an industrial chemical used in the production of melawares.

It is also used in home decor – i.e.kitchens.

We all MUST understand that Melamine is used in INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION 

  – – – – – it CANNOT be eaten.

2.Why is Melamine added to milk powder?

The most important nutrient in milk is protein.

And, Melamine has this same protein that contains ‘NITROGEN’

Adding Melamine into milk reduces the actual milk content required,  

and therefore it is cheaper than all milk.   So it lowers the capital required 

in the production of milk products.  Therefore it earns the business man more profit!

Below is Melamine; doesn’t it look like milk / milk powder?
It doesn’t have any smell, so cannot be detected.

3.When was it discovered that it had been added to milk products? 

In 2007,  US cats and dogs died suddenly. It was  found that their pet food from China contained Melamine.

Early in 2008, in China , an abnormal increase in infant cases of kidney stones was reported.

In August 2008,  China Sanlu Milk Powder tested positive for Melamine

Sept. 2008,  the New Zealand government asked China to investigate this problem
Sept. 21, 2008
, they found that many food products in Taiwan tested for Melamine

4.What happens when Melamine ingested and digested?

Melamine remains inside the kidneys. It forms into stones blocking the tubes. 
Pain will be imminent and the person cannot urinate. Kidney(s) will then swell.

Although surgery can remove the stones, it may cause irreversible kidney damage.   
It can lead to the loss of kidney function, which will require on-going kidney dialysis; or lead to death 
because of uremia.

What is dialysis?  In fact, it should be called ‘blood washing’; it is filtering all of the body’s blood into 
a machine and then returning the blood back to the body.
A dialysis machine

The whole process takes 4 hours; and it is necessary to have dialysis

once every 3 days for the rest of your life.

Below:  A dialysis center

Why is the contamination much more serious in babies?   

A baby’s kidneys are so very small and they drink a lot of milk powder. 

China currenty has 13,000 infants hospitalized

It does not matter how much Melamine a human being ingested (ate) (took). 

The important point is:    ‘MELAMINE CANNOT BE  EATEN!’

5.What foods are to be avoided?

Foods from China that contain dairy products should be avoided.
Anything chinese-looking and milky/creamy (as above)

6.Which companies are affected?

Hereunder are the companies affected with Melamine.


7.What do we do next?

Avoid the above foods for at least six months.
If you own or operate a snack bar, a restaurant, or a coffee shops, etc.,

stop selling dairy products for the meantime.

If you have infants at home, change to mother’s milk or find other substitutes.

Finally, share this information with friends so they will understand the risk of milk poisoning. 

The whole world needs to know of  “Made In China” ‘black-hearted’ goods.


Do you know how to tell which products are made in

the USA, or in the Philippines, in Taiwan, or in China?

Here’s How: 

The first 3 digits of the barcode identify the country code

wherein the product was made. 

For Example:   ALL barcodes that start with 690, 691, 692,  etc. up to and including 695 are all MADE IN CHINA.
Barcodes starting with 471 are on products Made in Taiwan.

Taiwanese barcode

You have a right to know.  But government and related departments

never inform or educate the public. Therefore we must educate ourselves,

be vigilant, and RESCUE ourselves.

Today, Chinese businessmen know that consumers will not select products

‘Made in China’.  So, they make every effort not to show or state the country

of origin on their products.   However, you can now refer to the barcode.  

DO remember if the first 3 digits are one of those between 690 and 695 inclusive then it is a product Made in China . 

00 ~ 13 USA & CANADA 
30 ~ 37 FRANCE
40 ~ 44 GERMANY
49 ~ JAPAN
50 ~ UK
57 ~ Denmark
64 ~ Finland
76 ~ Switzerland and Liechtenstein
628 ~ Saudi-Arabia
629 ~ United Arab Emirates 
740 ~ 745 – Central America

All 480 Codes are Made in the Philippines. 

Please inform your family and friends.   

Be aware!  And help others to be aware!

Soulmate Oatmeal

Some things were just meant to be together.

My oatmeal was just that. Who needs a man when you’ve got oats and a little creativity. They’re cheaper, easier to clean up, tasty, satisfying and all that great consistent quality. Hmmm, altho it’s hard to snuggle with them…

1/2c Oats
1 package of small figs (~136g) I cut them into fours, save one for garnish (cut an X into it but don’t cut thru)
HUGE Splash of Almond Extract
TINY Splash of Vanilla
Large Handful of toasted blanched almonds
1/4c Wheatberries
1 tbs Flaxseed
Like half a cup and then some of Soyogurt :]
1 HEAPING tablespoon (and then some) of LAVENDER HONEY (melted, 15 sec in microwave)

This stuff is ALMOST as amazing as my lovey White Gold Honey!!! (my most favorite!!!)

Figs, Almonds, Honey, Lavender BLEND SOOO WELL TOGETHER!!! I’m in Figgy Heaven!!! Since it’s not really season for figs anymore I’ve been having trouble finding amazing ones, after boxes and boxes of disappointments for weeks I FINALLY found some yummie, tho small, ones!!! YAY!! (ps. make sure they’re squishy!)

I dub thee “Figgy Soulmate Oatmeal” ♥ :]

One Meal A Day, Star Trek & OLGAAAA

I slept in, wayyy too late and ended up missing brunch… and then I was in a rush to go to see Quantum of Solace that I only had time for my Herbal drink, vitamins and a grab n’ go Starbucks’ Americano. I know I know I suck.  So my first meal of the day was dinner!


Have I mentioned how much i LOOOOVE the new Bond girl: Olga Kurylenko; FREAKING GORGEOUS!!!

Speaking of movies, and before I go into my food…
I can’t wait til STAR TREK comes out.

Chris Pine is so pretty :]

And it’s “SYLAR”!!!

Why you recognize Chris…

Smokin’ Aces (he’s gonna be in the prequel too!!!)

He was the hot psycho Tremor brother (left)

Just My Luck

Princess Diaries 2

Oh and, of course, John Cho ♥

I’m so glad they chose a hot sulu :]

OK! Enough gushing over guys (and hot girls!!! OLGA!!!!)… obviously I’ve been without boy for awhile.. HAHAHA…

I bought some things when I made a quick stop at Whole Food’s after the movie today… I wanted a salad for dinner to go with my steamed clams…

I got some Honeycrisp Apples, Figs (I’m craving almond fig oats!!!!), Coconut Butter, Cherries (I didn’t look at the price and it ended up being freaking 9.99 a POUND and cost me 13$ for a small bag @_@ OOPS!) and some Lightlife Tempeh & Yves Meatless Chicken Burgers (I’m obsessed with their meatless Ground Turkey!!!)… (and they have lots of Iron in them too) I figure since I’m not a big meateater (esp. with red meat) anymore, at least get some meat substitutes WITH iron in it…

I wish they had the Garden Veggie or Soy Tempeh there today but they didn’t… I got Three Grain, Flax & Wild Rice


That’s MANGO BLACK TEA (from TJ’s)

Dinner was a WF salad…

Tomatoes, Celery, Artichoke Hearts, Garbanzo Beans, Cucumber, Mixed Greens, Spinach & Carrots.

With Flaxseed…

Sprinkled with the HOTTEST SALSA EVER!!!!!! (yep the Habanero)

& TONS of steamed clams (IRON!!!)

Made some roast DUCK for my parents :]

Dior sat at the dinner table too staring at her Baby Cereal!!

I watched TORTILLA SOUP today which is a RIP off of EAT, DRINK, MAN, WOMAN but just as good :] Just the Mexican version, in fact the acting was a million times better :] It was cute and funny!!! WATCH IT!

I had 22 Rambutans

and 31 Longans!!! (from Russo’s this wkend, of course!!!)

& some WINE!!!

Dior had her apples :]


I’ve got some work to finish and then hopefully bed before… 430… @_@ It’s like 1am already but I HAD to blog!!! :] I have TWO IV sessions this wk :[ BLAH! Wed + Fri… SIGH…