Lazy Little Pumpkin

It’s so nice and sunny outside I tried (note: TRIED) to go for a nice jog first thing in the morning (I’m w@h-ing so instead of the getting ready and driving to work time, I decided to run) … the result?


Ok, I ran a little bit but decided I was hungry and tired and lazy so I went home. Showered. Crawled into bed with my laptop and got to work. :D

Lazy Girl FTW! I’ll be back when I’m less lazy and less busy with work to upload pictures and blog :] Until then I’m raiding my kitchen and working away…………

I’m frazzled, I duno what to eat. I want PUMPKIN to celebrate halloween tho. PUMPKIN PUMPKIN PUMPKIN :D Pumpkin on waffles?… Pumpkin with Yogurt?… Pumpkin with Oats?… Pumpkin with my Hot Cereal?… NO PUMPKIN? (NO! Def need pumpkin)

… I’m still tired and delirious… coffee please!!!

(Pumpkin coffee??… HAHAHA)


ps. Other random craving: 파전 (Pajeon, aka Korean Pancake) & 김치 (Kimchi) :D


  1. jajajja………. Tiffie, today is OUR DAY~~~~ not because it’s halloween and the customs, it’s because it’s kind of pumpkin day!!!!!!
    I had pumpkin (well squash) oatmeal this morning, and I’ll have some more tonight!
    hope you enjoy your night!


  2. I loove your pumpkin enthusiasm!


  3. misstiffie says:



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