1o*3o – Oatmeal Oatmeal Oatmeal…

Work is stressful and I’m still sick so I’m behind in comments & posting… my bad :] I’ll catch up today @ work when I get a break.

When I went home from work yesterday I already had set in mind what I was gonna make… but when my mom got home from work she looked like she was having a tough day and she said she really wanted a nice creamy bowl of oatmeal made by me (for some reason hers just doesn’t come out creamy) and some 豆腐 :D She just bought TWO new bottles of the stuff and we’re both obsessed. SOOO.. change of plans.

I cooked up a new batch of wheatberries for the next few days and cut up a TINYYYY butternut squash into cubed chunks and baked it under foil in the oven with some nutmeg and cinnamon til it was nice and tender. & whipped up a nice creamy pot of oatmeal. I’ve been having SWEET oatmeal for awhile now so it was nice to have a savory meal. Oatmeal twice a day might be overkill but technically one was savory and one was sweet :] It’s okay I had some veggies and other side dishes as well.

I duno why my iphone pictures randomly come out so distorted but I kinda like it…

My bowl of plain oats w/ 1/4c Wheatberries, some of my squash (I ended up eating most of the squash chunks… about 21 pieces) & then 豆腐s :D

Chinese Veggies w/ Garlic

Tofu & Pork & Scallions

I tried to watch Bram Stoker’s Dracula (which I haven’t seen in awhile, the CG is so bad haha I was giggling the whole time…) I didn’t realize Monica Bellucci was in it… super hot!!! & here I am with my chocolate covered fruits!! 3 peach, 3 orange :]

I ended up wiggling around in the chair a lot and not being able to enjoy the movie cuz I was so sore and worried about work-related stuff so I stopped the movie and read some magazines while watching the news…

At around 11ish I realized that I DID want oatmeal for breakfast tmw (plus I needed to use up my gorgeous raspberries since they go bad fast) SOOO… I whipped up a batch (which I’m munching on right now at work)

You know the usual…

1/2c Oats
1/4c Wheatberries
1 tbs Flaxseeds
I pack (it was 192g) of raspberries
about 1 tsp of vanilla extract…

I tried the TAHITIAN vanilla this time. I think I like the Madagascar Bourbon the best… not sure yet…

NOWWWWWW… I’m at work, eating breakfast. I came in and had a meeting early in the morning til 930 or so, so I couldn’t prepare my oatmeal until after it. I barely had enough time to grab some coffee before I called in.

Lonely Coffee…

All rubberbanded up just in case it decides to burst and fly open! HAHA…

I noticed that when I revive my oatmeal it loses it’s intense color… it’s still really colored but a bit grayed out more….

It’s so pretty :D

Breakfast Time!!!!! SEEEE, less bright :[

Pre-Chia/Cinnamon’d… I’d show you but it’s UGLLLLLY hahaha so NO! :]

Nuked @ work oatmeal JUST isn’t as pretty as made fresh and at home :[

See you guys @ LUNCH!!! I’m STILLLLLLLLLLLLL EATING and it’s been like almost an hour of me going at it… this is SO much bigger than yesterday’s…. LOL…

edit @ 140pm

I’ve been in 3 meetings already… and I have more to go. I’m so busy I forgot to eat. I’m not even hungry but I almost passed out just now running to the bathroom during a meeting…. so I scarfed down a tiny peach, a persimmon and now munching on a large honeycrisp. Oatmeal makes me sooo full…. maybe this is kinda bad, makes me NOT wanna eat til dinnertime >_<;

Anyone try the Better’N Peanut Butter? I’m curious…

It was kinda brownish inside but it was still good… & not mushy :D

Reading Care To Eat.

MMM persimmons!!! Crunchy, slightly sweet, sooo delicious!!! (and researching Cauliflower recipes to try)

I love how my first bite always looks like a heart :]

(and just if you’re curious how I’m IN a meeting right now it’s a conference call!!! hehehe…) & I look like I’m sleeping in this pic…


  1. Oh~~~~~ another intense color oatmeal!!! I love it!!!! you know, pink is my color!
    I’ll try to have savory oatmeal with 豆腐乳 soon ^_^
    have a nice day!


  2. that iPhone picture is CRAZY!

    i love your blog… so you cook up the oats at home the night before and reheat them at work?? clever!

    hope work is less stressful today!


  3. You just have fruits during the day? NO food?
    I want to try that better than peanut butter too!!!
    did you receive my email from gmail?


  4. followmyweigh says:

    i’ve tried that better n’ peanut butter but i wasn’t a fan of it. i know some people are *obsessed* with it though, so you should give it a try! oooh i have some persimmons waiting to be gobbled up too =D


  5. Oatmeal is perfect for breakfast. In fact, I also eat them as a snack. And the apple bite? it really look like a heart shape, maybe that’s one reason why you always have a bite of apple, well whether it your first bite is heart shape or not, apple will always bring you good, as they said: An apple a day keeps the doctor away.


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