1o*29 – I’ve got the BLUESSS…

OK. I’m going on a candy-free detox. NO. MORE. CANDY. I’m having a horrible candy hangover again from eating a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE bag of jelly bellys all nite… stupid wine. Making me munch more than I want to…

For some reason I found WARM jelly beans to be AMAZING last nite, so I’d put them on my laptop and “heat” them up…

I’m weird. And my waist is growing horizontally very tall….

I have a feeling I’m gonna be super full today for awhile….


CUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ….I decided to make oatmeal for breakfast today… last nite :] I had just bought a small pack of BIG HUGE blueberries that I wanted to use, and since I’m too lazy in the morning I decided to make it after my dad’s bday dinner last nite …

1/2c THICK rolled oats
132g of HUUUGE blueberries
1/4c Wheatberries
1 tbs Flaxseed

This is in it’s pre-revitalized state…

Just LOOK at that GORGEOUS color!!!!

This is it after I added some hot water and microwaved it for like 4 minutes :]

1 tbs Chia Seeds (added after it was revitalized at work this morning)
And I topped it off with a strawberry to try to make it less gross looking to my coworkers hahahaha…

In celebration (ok on accident) the nails & the turtle are blue today too :D SUPER DUPER BLUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Even my COFFEE is WILD BLUEBERRY flavored!!!

It’s still got HUGE chunks of blueberries :D

All of this (chia & strawberry and all) was only about 348 calories!!! PLUS this’ll probably hold me over til wayyy past lunchtime!!!

An article on Counting Calories from the NYTimes.

I was gonna wear my blue flats to work today but I thought that was overkill :D HAHAHAHA…. Anyways nom nom nom nom nom, no cold breakfast today!!! I’m so happy I’m totally gonna do it again tmw!!!


edit @ 1245pm
STILL. NOT. HUNGRY :P This is SO strange, usually I’m just starved at work…. but that doesn’t mean my mouth doesn’t wanna munch… I’m starting to chew my lip off cuz of BOREDOM.. where’s my gumm….

Strawberries & Grapes to keep my mouth company for the rest of the afternoon….(along with lots of TAZO TEA of course!!!)

See, told you I was blue today…

Remember that song… I’m blue da bu di da bu diiii….. yeah, I started singing it and now I can’t get it out of my head :[ LAME.

Pet Peeve: I hate people who eat loudly at work. Like you can hear the sloshing and the mushing in the mouth.. crunches aren’t bad but I hate hearing your saliva. In an old job I used to sit near this lady who was ALWAYS on the phone and ALWAYS eating SUPER loud. You can hear her eat MUSHY PIZZA noshing away… it was so gross. Blah. So go die kthanx bye. The end. HAHAHA :D

edit @ 240pm

Hmmm.. feeling a little twinge of the munchies. This juicy pineapple hit the spot (altho it was a bit watery but it’s good I don’t really want an intensely sweet/strong pineapple right now)

I feel pretty crappy but I have a meeting @ 3 so I’m gonna leave right after.


  1. wooooooooooooooo……….that’s really a blue/violet oatmeal, much more intense than mine!!!!!! How is that possible?? why your blueberries have such intense color and mine not! that’s unfair!!!!! ^_^
    I got “cooking with pumpkins and squash” little book!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy~~~


  2. The cake looks amazing!


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