1o*28 – Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!

In my family we have this tradition where the birthday person gets to pick the place to eat. ANYWHERE!!! This year my dad said “I don’t wanna go anywhere to eat, you cook better than any restaurant…” He says that I catered more to his tastes, liking, plus really healthy.. I could take any dish and asianfy it a bit for him. (I like modifying everything to be more flavor, less fat/sweet)


Me prepping…

Check out my mini Kabocha I found :D

My non-asianified Sea Bass (just a tiny experimental piece)

Tomatoes, home-made cranberry sauce, shallots, arugula, rosemary, wine & black pepper…

More cranberry sauce on top before I cover it with foil and pop it into the oven…

The beginning of the salad…

Quinoa w/ shallots, garlic, scallions & sesame oil

The Wine for the night:

The final version:

The Chilean Sea Bass… full of scallions, ginger, tofu & peas…

The green beans, drizzled with a little Japanese noodle sauce & sesame seeds…

My mini experiments:

I was planning on making another DUCK dish, but thankfully I didn’t because I knew it’d be too much… PLUS the fish, my dad’s favorite dish that I make, was the centerpiece and I didn’t want anything to take away it’s thunder ;]

PLUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, then no room for CAKE!!!!!

I think my mom was more excited about the cake than my dad tho.. hahaha…

It sure was tasty !!!!


  1. So many delicious dishes!!! you’re such a GRAN CHEF!!!! And happy birthday to your daddy~~~


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