1o*28 – Daily Munchies & Sugar Hangover…


Me + My Daddy.. haha..

We were gonna go eat at Bullfinch’s.. but he says “Now that we eat so well at home when you cook, I don’t ever wanna go out again!” SOOOOOOO… I’m cooking dinner tonite. Either roasting a duck or some nice tender Chilean Sea Bass!!

I eat so healthy during the day and then at night my inner candy munchies monsters come out :D Hahahaha…

My Hi-Chews were calling my name last nite so I finished TWO PACKS!!! while online + watching Food Network…. ended up not going to bed til super late again… Oy… but yea, I’m sick still and I think I have a sugar hangover from the candy and the caramel apple (soo much chocolate on that thing last nite) so.. I’ll keep it easy today.

I brought my Juicy lunchbox to work today :] It’s tinier than my other one but it’s cute and frou frou




Breakfast Spread:

My Beloved:

Yep I’m eating my Fage again! (This time I’m taking FOUR lactaids… cuz three still seemed to have my stomach hurt…) I just can’t seem to get away, it’s been in my fridge taunting me. My mom kept telling me she was gonna help me finish it off to keep me from wanting it buttttt, she’s not very much a health fan.. she’ll force herself to eat SOME healthy things but she’ll choose fried chicken or a slice of cake over raw veggies or yogurt any day. Haha… or just avoid it lol…

OOOO I just thought I’d tell ya’ll I’m participating in this round of BSI (hosted by Itzy’s Kitchen) which is PEARS!!!! I emailed in my Pear-Leek-Currant Chicken recipe and I’ll try to get around to posting that soon on my newwwww Recipe section :] Haha…

Daddy’s Bday – 0 Days :D
Halloween – 3 Days
Election – 7 Days!!!!!


I have a doctor’s appointment on Halloween :[ I’ve been bad with taking all my supplements for my anemia… and my doctor’s gonna yell at me for not gaining weight. TECHNICALLY I have, but I can’t tell her that 2 months ago I was in my 90s or she’ll beat me :[

Ok ok, see ya’ll @ Lunch… altho I have meetings from 1215-1, 1-2 and then 230-3 @_@ Meetings….. always so many meetings………

edit @ 1146am

Before I forget…
Free Chipotle Burrito… if you come in dressed as a burrito, taco bowl or salad…. >_<; The Chick-Fil-A dressed as a COW promotion was so much cooler and more likely to happen… hahaha… :]

[ source ]

Also, go to Taco Bell today between 2pm-6pm for a free taco!!!

I’m still, strangely, NOT hungry but since I’ll be in meetings til 2 before I’m back at my desk, I’ll bring strawberries with me and I’m gonna munch on my pomelo for now.

edit @ 319pm

I’m out of my meetings and still alive!!!! w00t! (nerd speak is the ish-l33t!!! HAHAHA)

My stomach HURTS :[ Maybe Fage WAS a bad idea today.. even with four lactaids… sigh* It was worth every bite and lick tho :] Can’t let amazing yogurt go to waste!!! *snicker*



Between my 2nd and 3rd meeting I ran back to my desk to scarf down a bag of strawberries and a bag of grapes :]

These grapes were NOT from cute grape boy at the farm, therefore not as sweet. JK!!! But really they really weren’t as sickingly sweet as last time. HAHA…

Nom nom nom!!! Fruit boostin’!! The weather cleared up so I’m glad, no need to be scared driving home… altho the threat of possible SNOW tomorrow freaks me out… NO! NO! NO! It’s not supposed to snow til AFTER Thanksgiving!!!

I’m excited to cook my dad’s BIRTHDAY dinner tonite!!! It’s so flattering that he requested it instead of being taken out, but then he’s like that. He’d take a nice homecooked meal over any fancy shmancy place any day.

Anyways I should finish up my work and then head home so I can get ready to cook :] I wanna try to squeeze in a jog (as long as it’s not pouring) before hand…. (my dad gets home late so I don’t have to start cooking TOO early!!!)… I wanted to share two pictures my mom sent me… haha she likes to send me funny emails with videos and jokes and pictures (usually in chinese) but I thought these two were HILARIOUS!!!!

HAHAHA the last one made me laugh so hard. HAHAHAHAHHA.. silly puppy :]


  1. Your juicy bag is so lovely~~~ And all those fruits inside it so yummy and healthy~~~


  2. Love your bag!


  3. Thanks for adding the Puff List to your site.


  4. followmyweigh says:

    i love those chews =). and i bought my friend that bobbing head thing on your desk lol!

    i saw longans at the grocery store recently…do they taste like lychee? is it longan season? i didn’t know so i didnt buy it~ thanks!


  5. misstiffie says:

    followmyweigh – Longan’s taste like lychees but are almost clear, less chewy, and a lot smaller than a lychee, it’s a bit less sweet as well. I think the longan season is more towards the end of summer but for some reason we’re still getting it here at some stores :] SOOO GOOD!!!!


  6. ms sammek says:

    omg.. your mom sounds like me, fried chicken over healthy food..!


  7. I Looooooove Hi Chews! I got my girlfriends from Florida addicted too and I had to bring a huge bag of them down when I visited last weekend!


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