Super Grainy Day…

I woke up later than anticipated but managed to make a quick brunch for me and the parents anyways. It was GORGEOUS out today so I wanted to get out early to enjoy it.

I whipped up a batch of Ezekiel french toast using egg whites, vanilla hemp milk, mexican vanilla & cinnamon.

Delicious vanillas!!

In the process….

I made 8, & they were devoured SOO fast!!!

See that shadow? That was my dad’s hand coming down to take the last two pieces.. haha…

I also made myself some (1/4c) 4-Grain Hot Cereal (w/ Flax)

& I added 1/2c of cranberries and 1/4c of wheatberries!!

Beautiful, ain’t it?? :D

I loved it, so tart and fresh and tasty!!!

After a bite or two I realized I hadn’t eaten my chia seeds yet, sooo…

*pop pop munch munch*
At first I was sad cuz it didn’t seem as much as my usual oatmeal but it was SOOO filling by the time I was done….

It didn’t help that I also had 2 persimmons afterwards, I wasn’t even hungry but they were SOOOO tasty!!!

I went to the mall to pick up some Victoria’s Secret, Sephora, & a pretty ring from Swavroski… & thennnnnn, two apples from Rocky Mountain :]

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!!

Had some coffee @ ABP :]

Decided to cook off my wheatberries for the week.. and while doing so I prepped some Delicata squash for lunch tomorrow!!

3 Rainbow Carrots chopped up for work :]

Maitake Mushrooms & Napa Cabbage

Also had some tofu which is unpictured…

My mom made this Barley, Jujube, Wild Rice, some other grains and I added my own fresh 1/4c of Wheatberries!!!

Watched Primal Fear tonite (LOOOOVE Ed Nortan and I’ve seen most of his movies but not this one yet)… SUCH A FREAKING GOOD MOVIE!!!! RENT IT/BUY IT NOW!!!! Ed ♥ ♥

& then it was APPLE TIME, for me & Dior

Despite having no real appetite today, my FRESHLY made caramel apple was delicious!!!

I like it chopped up into smaller pieces so I enjoy it longer….

I just painted my nails BROWNIE (hehe) and I’m catching up on some work right now.. probably go to bed in an hour or two after I get this stuff done!!! Nite* See ya’ll tomorrow morning :D

Some more sexy mohawk shots of my Dior

MAN!! I’m SO full of oats and grains today… pop pop….


  1. oh~~ you did have a lot of grains today, which is great! I like so much the pink color of the oatmeal, I used strawberries and raspberries, now i have to try cranberries.
    And so cute the cup measure!!!


  2. misstiffie says:

    Coco – My cranberry breakfast was soooo goood!! if you don’t like it too tart/sour you should add a tiny bit of sugar, but I looooved it as is!!!! :] I’m so full of grains and i was feeling so full and happy all day!!! Hehehe… I’m glad i was stuffed with grains and not something bad for me hehe…


  3. Those Carmel apples look yummy!

    I think you just ruined my diet. :)

    Tim Rosanelli
    View my blog at
    Sensei Talks
    Join our sit-up challenge at
    60 Situps in a Minute Challenge


  4. misstiffie says:

    Tim – Hehehe those apples ALWAYS ruin my diet :]


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