Like mother, like daughter

FIRST of all, Happy Birthday Kath!!!!
Everyone NEEDS to go say happy birthday to her and check out the AMAZING cake her awesome hubby made for her :D
  *jealous* No guy has ever baked me a cake… lolol..

HINT HINT: I like it when guys cook!!! Hahaha… the most fanciful & untypical thing a guy has ever made me was paella… but I usually end up doing all the cooking LOL… I only had one boyfriend who enjoyed cooking almost as much as I did tho, so I think we influenced each other a lot in that sense while we were together.

OK, onwards…

Read title, see picture :]

Sidenote: Today’s sunny with high of 68 degrees :D ECSTATIC!!!

I woke up feeling really sick yesterday morning…. so I had some water & vitamins, my chia seeds and was out the door…

Trader Joe’s had human bingo yesterday while I was shopping and I got THREE things!!!! Some chocolate decadance cereal, apple/grape juice & a tub of chocolate covered almonds :D Yay for free!!! It was fun too… you’re supposed to scream BINGO when they call your number and I was the only one who actually screamed it (aside from the 5 year old who also won once) … >_<; I’m a dork!!!

I got some dried pomelo at TJ’s so I had three pieces, they’re bitter and yummy!!!

There was no skin on it tho… dried fruit skin is the best!!! I still prefer the Russo’s kind that’s just dried skin with a tiny piece of meat, these are less sweet tho…!!!

Some other more interesting things I bought…

& then at Whole Foods I was deciding on Arrowhead Mills’ 4 Grain or 7 Grain Hot Cereal to try.. I decided that I’d go for simple first :] Plus the 4 Grain looked thicker and chewier on the box :] Haha… but this one has flax in it, I’m hesitant since the last time I tried flax I seemed allergic but this was too tempting not to buy :D

I made a quick trip to B&N to look for some books and to get my coffee fix and then ended up being STARVED whilst browsing. Feeling faint, I was SO happy I remembered to pack a cup of GoLean in my bag :D

Kashi saves the day (again!!!)

I added a new kind of squash to try this wk :D It says it’s chestnutty, so I’m excited!!! I’ll probably try it tonite!!!

Red Kuri: Originally from Japan and also known as “baby red hubbard,” this squash has an orange-red skin and is round with a slight teardrop shape. The flesh texture is very smooth and creamy, with a savory chestnut-like flavor. [ Source ]

I also picked up two TINY kabochas :D CUTE!!! & Spaghetti Squash

(Unpictured: I also bought lots of butternut, they’re having a sale @ WF!!!)
I *heart* my Squash collection!!!

I decided to try a mixture of flavors I saw in a cooking mag once… I got STARVING suddenly right when I was preparing dinner so I had the last 2 tiny mini Honeycrisps to prevent munching on dinner before I finished!!! :]

DINNER would be… Chicken Thighs w/….

Honey Butter Pears…

Leeks… (I was ecstatic when I found these, usually I prefer buying them fresh and trimming them my own, but I’m sick so screw you :P)

I added some toasted walnuts and mushrooms on top :D

Secret ingredients: I placed a slice of pancetta underneath each chicken thigh AND had red currant jelly in it :D

I figured I needed a veggie sidedish so… simple & quick:
Curried Orange Cauliflower… I bought a tiny orange thing… added curry and some other spices to it and chopped up some dried cherries… spicy and sweet!!!

Since I still felt crummy I whipped up a huge bowl of pumpkin oatmeal w/ wheatberries & a whopping a tbs of lowfat coconut flakes :D Only 35 cal a tbs :D It wasn’t overly pumpkiny.. I guess I need more than 1/2c of pumpkin to 1/2 of oats?!?!..

I took lots of oatmeal p0rn ;]

The coconut lasted me til the very end!!!

Next time I’m gonna toast them first tho…

The dinner spread:

YEP, I’m classy: Oatmeal + Wine

Yum yum yum!!! 

I decided to go old school last nite and watch Halloween (can you believe I’ve watched them all except for this one???? The OG???? I even saw the remake last year but not this one…. oy)

Even Dior’s ready for movie time (and I bet she was daydreaming about ‘Apple Time’ here too..)

I ended up eating 1.5 persimmons (sooo yum)

A HUUUUGE glass of wine (so I didn’t have to get up to pour more)

(I ended up filling it almost to the top haha but it looks prettier & classier partway filled)

& a tub of sour worms from WF… I didn’t mean to but they were so chewy :]

At least they’re a bit “healthier” cuz they’re made from fruit juices?!?!.. hahaha…

Some books/mags I bought today, thought it was funny cuz it was so random:

I guess all that food, worms and wine caught up with me cuz while I’m still feeling crummy I’m also feeling stuffed. I had a weird nite (but better than previous) I think the wine helped me sleep a little better actually. WEIIIIIIIRD dreams tho about me living in a super strict boarding school and such. @_@ The new head that came in was super strict (as opposed the previous lax one who just let us turn it into a party school) … and the new head didn’t like me and locked me in the gym with no electricity and my boyfriend w/ the help of our friends (in my dream) was trying to sneak me out.

I also had another WEIRD dream also about me trying to run away from this psycho guy… strange.

Is my dreams trying to tell me something about me needing to get away?!?!.. hahaha… 

Brain: You need a vacation
Me: OK!!!!

So I was gonna wake up early to make brunch for everyone.. but now… I duno. I wanted to make french toast, eggs, bacon, the works.. but now.. maybe something simple.. Just one thing.. hahahah… or oatmeal for all :D 


  1. great eats! I love that hello kitty spoon, so cute!!! and of course the photo of your doggi, so sweet!!

    Are you going to eat all those squash/pumpkins yourself next week??????

    oh~~~~~~ how I miss kabucha! I’ll definitely go to korean store next weekend to get them.


  2. ms samme k says:

    you make mw wanna eat a lot healthier…. rawr. lol…


  3. misstiffie says:

    Coco – Hahahaha yesss, I eat SO much squash/pumpkin HAHAHA.. my mom makes me finish off my collections before she lets me buy more or else she yells at me so much, but I always do. I’m surprised I haven’t turned INTO a squash yet!!!! lolol… I love how I found MINI kabochas tho… :] They’re so cute!!!

    Ms Samme K – LOL :] Healthy + Yummie eats!!! We should go eating together sometime :]


  4. I love squash/pumpkin too! but i’m afraid of having too much of it. Because sometimes my palms and feets get a orange tint. Does it happen to you too?


  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes!!


  6. misstiffie says:

    Coco – Haha OMG I’ve HEARD of that happening and I was always scared that I’d get a tint ever since I read some story when I was little about a girl who loved to eat carrots and turned orange (I’m a huge carrot fan too) but surprisingly I’ve never been a human orange… yet ;]


  7. That was a clever way of sneaking in jelly!

    I just had spicy meatballs at our office halloween party. So simple = so good!

    1 jar jalapeno pepper jelly
    1 jar shrimp cocktail sauce
    1 package frozen meatballs

    Cook in a crockpot until meatballs are cooked through.


  8. misstiffie says:

    biz319 – OOO anything with spicy and meatballs in it I must try :] Thanks for the quickie recipe!!! HEHE…



  1. […] in this round of BSI (hosted by Itzy’s Kitchen) which is PEARS!!!! I emailed in my Pear-Leek-Currant Chicken recipe and I’ll try to get around to posting that soon on my newwwww Recipe section :] […]


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