[edit: this was written late last nite… early morning? But I guess I was drunker/more tired than I thought and I actually passed out on my floor writing this and talking online hahahahah *embarressed* but now I’m chipper *flex* but kinda sick *stuffy* SOOOOOO… yea…. more adventures today tho!!!!]

I have had such a long stressful busy week. I am SOOO freaking excited I don’t have to wake up for work tmw it’s not even funny. This is like school and classes all over again or something ;] This is so not me, but this time it is. I NEED A BREAK!!!

Sel De La Terre

I like eating out on Fridays but I’m too lazy to go any further… PLUS I get to stock up on goodies from the Boulangerie :]

I wish the bread was warm. but I love the chewy crust:

The waitress recognized us and gave us the complimentary bread accompaniments:

Tasting of all three petit goûters: Roasted eggplant and goat cheese purée with toasted black walnuts, Selection of imported French olives & Roasted shallots and garlic confit

My fav was the shallots/garlic confit :] NOM!

First Courses:

Beets, Greens, Spiced Walnuts & Pears

Provençal Tapas: Dijon buttermilk five spice fried chicken wings

Main Courses:

Dinner Date’s: Oven roasted Long Island duck breast with bourbon glazed baby carrots, fingerling potatoes and tarragon, pomegranate-duck reduction 

& since I’ve tried most everything, I got the Grilled pork loin with spinach risotto, roasted pearl onions, and cauliflower piccalilli It was SOOO FREAKING GOOD!!!

Dessert was the Cranberry Soufflé ;] DEEEEEEEEEE-Licious!!!!

Pouring the Cranberry Anglaise on…

I ended up wandering around the mall for a bit and then eating my Boulangerie desserts ALL THE WAY HOME…. I have nothing now again, i managed to eat it ALL!!! :[ *pout*

& then it was sweets time…

Leaf Sugar Cookie

Cupcakes :D The guy put them in soup cups for me so the wouldn’t get smooshed!!!

Out of the cuppys…

Nom nom!!!


Coconut Sablés… :D

& ended up drinking wine & eating sour dried plums while watching 11:14 which was very entertaining… I duno if it was meant to be as funny as I thought it was…. but it’s pretty nifty. It’s about different ppl whose lives all got changed at 11:14 and slowly as it unravels you can see how they’re all interconnected… I tried to watch Stacy at first but it was so horrible I stopped it 5 min in…

Oh a cool note, a representative at Neiman Marcus wanted to make me a VIP member. Champagne, Caviar, parties w/ Celebs, the works… not sure WHY, but he gave me his card and showed me his list of VIP guests.. including actors, actresses, authors, highballers & Matsuzaka‘s wife. Free stuff, personal service, etc… pretty awesome!!! :D

pps. I know I just wrote about this, but these are SOOOOOOOOO good!!! The carrots are my favorite ones… But look how pretty and rainbowy the kabocha ones are :D


  1. everything looks delicious!!! and the best part is the VIP thing! how lucky you are!!!

    and what are those exotic chips? where did you find it?


  2. I just realized that we have the same mac pro, right?


  3. john lee says:

    oooh VIP status huh? Your dinner looked amazing, yea I must schedule a food putting with ya sometime ;)


  4. misstiffie says:

    Coco – I get my Terra Chips from WF :] They should have them in TJ’s too!!!! & yeaaaa MacPro!!! I have the 17″ one, ou?

    John – yes yes yes, lets go MUNCH already!!! :D We should go on one of those crazy Tasting journeys that have the wine pairings hahahah…



  1. […] well together?!… I am so lucky with all the delicious risotto I’ve eaten in the past year. The purple carrots and the squash was such a nice addition to it. YUM!! OH, and how could I forget […]


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