1o*23 Daily Munch

EDIT: OK I’ve been having severe RANDOM issues with my internet and HOPEFULLY this’ll post. Ugh, this is so tragic.

ALRIGHTI tried to sleep last nite but couldn’t so I ended up watching Food Network & eating Sour Jelly Bellys til wee hours in the morning, I woke up at 430 in the morning to Rachel Ray spending only 40$ a day……. it sucks to wake up to the sound of her saying she only spent 1.41$ on a breakfast or something.. seriously, she sucks at tipping. BUT think about it. 40$ a day… that’s like 210$ a week spent eating out. Not only are you gona get fat and artery clogged probably… you’d totally eat better (and yummier) if you put just HALF of that into fresh groceries. :D Seriously. Anyways I’m sorry if you like her but she’s so obnoxious. Her shows are slight guilty pleasure tho, sometimes I just watch it with the sound OFF!!! HAHAHAHA… they’re so random, I just hate her voice and laugh and stuff.. & I think she’s kinda a sell out (ranting enough today?) BUT…. yea she’s still winning cuz I still read her magazine and watch her shows (even tho it’s on mute) hahaha…

Food TV Girls Wise,
And then… Ina, Sunny & Paula :] Oo OOo & Mrs. Neely :D

MM I still haven’t eaten the gingerbread yet but I SUUUURE can smell it :] It looks moist and SUPER yummy!!! I was pretty full from my 1c of GoLean this morning.. strangely so… and just been chugging away at my BLACK COFFEE (today’s flavor is Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, mmm yummy smells!!!)

I needed my Chia fix… so I thought… BANANA and banana’s response was…

Yes LOL, until he realized I was gonna split him in half and mush half of him up in with my Chia!!!

Not visually appealing at all but it sure was tasty!!!

And of course, I need to get my guava fix as well!!!! Today’s are super sweet and fresh and YUMMY!!!! Only had half for now (3 pieces).. other half for later…

I think I need to start controlling my dessert/sweets intake. Getting pudgey there *pokes belly* Oy. I hate seeing the scale go up….. >_<;

edit @ 109pm
You know I’m really busy @ work when I’m not updating blogs every 2 seconds :]

I had the other half of my guava

This looked pretty cool, I duno what happened to my iPhone…. I’m having issues with techie stuff today.. seriously… for example I was calling my friend to leave him a vm like I do every morning… and then halfway thru, it told me that it was erasing it and I had to rerecord, NOW! *beeeep* … speechless.

Gingerbread from Sel De La Terre‘s Boulangerie

Tasty and smelled amazing!!! I love gingerbread!!!!

& 14 Strawberries… I’m so full

Is it weird that just reading this made me hungry for grains? It’s an article about types of grains…. OH OH OH… Chewy oh yummy nutty grains!!!! I daydream about wheat berries… haha HMMM, what should I make for dinner tonite. I’m in charge of dinner tonite…. my mom’s having her lunch party right now so I’m pretty sure she doesn’t want leftovers or to cook :] Simple and light I suppose. We’ll seeeee….

edit @

I kept staring at the other half of my banana and felt so sorry for it, so I ended his suffering of lacking his other half quickly and surely :]

You lived a good life, oh yellow mighty one ;]

I’m pretty sure my tea and grapes will hold me over til dinner time…

Huuuuuge bag of these larger than life badboys :] YUM!!!!

Because of that previous article I’ve been on Bob’s Red Mill website looking at Rolled Barley and Rye and all these other yummie grains.. I filled my cart and then realized that I should just WAIT til Saturday to go buy NEW grains instead of having 100000 lbs of it standing on my front porch suddenly and not knowing what to do with it. Patience is a virtue :]