1o*22 Daily Munchhhhhhhiessss

I actually went to bed relatively “early” last nite. I’ve been trying to finish Fat Girl but I keep falling asleep two minutes in. It’s not because it’s bad, it’s actually pretty good, but because I never start watching it until 1 or 2 in the morning… It’s like the last 17 minutes and I can only get thru it 2 minutes at a time…. it’s okay.. at this rate I should be done with it next week :] And also I never remember to watch it any other time. I duno why. Maybe cuz it’s in the dvd player in my room and I tend to watch movies on the bluray/nice big tv/nice comfy couch downstairs now…

Andddd!!!! My skin is clearing up. HMM, so maybe it IS the dairy increase. Cuz I’m def. still stressed. I’m extremely dehydrated/bloated this morning so I’m stocking up on liquids.

Must finish all of this water before lunch! *chug chug chug* For some reason I haven’t really been drinking water lately. Not sure why….

Life is lonely without Fage </3 As is my Kashi….. But for the sake of my skin…..

I LOOOOVE Kashi GoLean cereal. It’s so healthy and fiberific AND taaaasty!!!! Aside from Lucky Charms (like polar opposite) this is my FAVORITE cereal. H2H and GoLean Crunch come in at close seconds but they’re a lot sweeter. ALSO, GoLean takes a long time for me to eat because I like to pick at it and eat it piece by piece. So many textures and flavors *joy* Seriously tho, allll Kashi products are freaking amazing!!!! They really can do no wrong!!!!

ANYWAYS. Rain rain go away and don’t come back please.

Current Soundtrack: Cirque Du Soleil soundtrack *soooo goooood!!!!*

Sidenote: While venturing on the Cirque page I saw an ad to get tickets for this show… I really wanna see Criss Angel in action…

ANYHOO. Without my FAGE, I need to get creative with the Chia Seeds. Or I want to today instead of just munching them as is like I usually do when I’m eating it without yogurt or oatmeal. I like to DIP my fruit in it :] Strange but true… but really tasty. I just love the slight nutty taste and the popping of the seeds…


See you guys @ LUNCH :D

edit @ 105pm

WORK HAS BEEN BUSY!!! SUPER BUSY!!! I have two deadlines. One at 3pm and one at 4pm. But I have a meeting @ 3pm which MEANNNNNNNNNNNS, I have to get both things DONE before 3…

I didn’t even realize it was past 1… anyways. Lunch has been…. munchy as usual… my digestive system is a MESS :[

Between breakfast and lunch I had munched on a guava…

(that’s me “working” on GOOGLECHAT talking haha…)

And then later right before lunch… I started working on my pineapple…

I actually really wanted to dig into my lunch cuz I was super excited…

…but opted for the pineapple which actually made me not hungry for awhile..

All of sudden it’s now…

I didn’t even need to warm it up. This is the first time I had acorn squash sliced and it was mighty tasty and I just adore the skin. *chew chew chew* ♥ Even tho I never do it, I think sliced acorn squash is just the PRETTIEST :]

edit @ 240pm
I’ve been so HUNGRY lately… so darn hungry. Either no appetite or full on I-must-be-preggers-with-triplets hungry.

I’m SO glad that cute guy working at the farm gave me free grapes to try. These black grapes are SOOO amazing!!! They’re so sweet, almost sickingly so, but not. Crisp and HUUUUUUGE.

Munching whilst reading Tina

[a little later…]

Still munching, now checking to see if Erica updated yet…

But notice how HUGE they are?!?!.. I mean I’ve had BIGGER but it’s been awhile ;] har har…

I procrastinate too much at work sometimes. :] But I’ve emptied out my lunchbox today… (the squash took up a lot of space in it…)

With all this rain… today might be another oatmeal day :] Maybe I’ll have some famous “pumpkin oats”, (Kath’s breakfast post today really put me in the mood for it) that everyone eats for dinner today!!! I still have a can that I haven’t opened yet… I’ve been saving it for a rainy day (haha PUN INTENDED!!!!) I also had a thought to put in a few spoonfuls of my pistachio butter, some of my pistachios (did I tell you guys how I bought like a gazillion lb bag of pistachios from Costco a few wkends ago cuz I was in the mood for one (I had recently bought a tiny bag of spicy pistachios from Russo’s at the time and craved more)… and I haven’t even touched it yet, I keep forgetting about it and remembering a week later… note to self: eat your nuts woman!) I blame Stach. he was too cute so I had to buy a bag. ANYWAYS yes. Pistachio butter, crushed pistachios and some almond extract. It’ll taste like the ice cream :] I duno maybe, I feel lazy today tho to be any more inventive. Pumpkin Oats might be the only way to go cuz I’m not really in the mood for savory oats tonite….

I need more OOMPH back in my food. Once my mom hosts her lunch tmw at our house for her girls our fridge will be freeeeeeeeeeeeee (hopefully there won’t be tons of leftovers, I doubt it tho, my mom cooks bomb food :] I snuck a peek at her menu too, NOM!!! Lobster, shrimp, fatty pork, fish, chicken, oh man the works!!!… I was considering w@h tmw but then remembered that I would go NUTS trying to work with that many chitchattering women in the house)

Example of my mom’s dishes:

This was for Chinese New Years earlier this year & this was just for…. 4 people!!! Granted, it was NEW YEARS… but this is why I love it when my parents throw dinner parties :] EEE, I’m so excited for Thanksgiving!!!

Back to workity doo da dayyy!!!!!….


  1. why did you say “Life is lonely without Fage </3 As is my Kashi….. But for the sake of my skin…..”?

    I love Golean Crunch!!!!


  2. LLLOOOOOVVE the new layout Boo! SO presh :) And I eat Go Lean the exact same way! :) So effing Bomb-Dig.

    (PS) Are you on the Face? Friend me woman! (Julia Wise)… All of us blogging babes are on, so you’ll have fun friending evry1 I’m sure!


  3. misstiffie says:

    Coco – I’m lactose intolerant so I’ve been avoiding having too much dairy in my diet but then I couldn’t but be too addicted to Fage. And I started eating it more and more instead of the occasional yogurt cup. Apparently dairy can cause havoc on skin (pimples) and I’ve been breaking out recently (and I rarely get into a zit) so I’m stopping my dairy intake again to see if it’s because of too much yogurt in my diet hehe.

    Julz – YAYYYY TO GOLEAN MUNCHING!!! Hehehe I’m gonna go stalk you out on FB NOW :D


  4. I was having an acne issue and my dermatologist told me to avoid dairy that contained added growth hormones (rBST & rBGH). I only eat dairy that is organic or says hormone free on the label. It has been about 5 months and my skin is sooooo much better. I think this is the best my skin has ever looked. I posted about it back on Oct. 14 – “Sammie Unwrapped”. Give it a try – you might not have to avoid dairy – just the added crap that they put in it.


  5. golean FTW! haha.. you are the only other person i know aside from myself who loves the plain regular one. everyone always tells me it’s like eating rabbit food. hahaha… did you try the kashi vive? it has a vanilla-y flavor and is kinda like golean but is fortified with probiotic stuff and… broccoli. haha. i love your foodie blog its so fun and your pictures are great! i always make my entries private koz i feel like i have no one will care abt what i hafta say. lolz


  6. John Lee says:

    Wow, what a multitasker…. Two deadlines and still time to post, now that’s dedication =)

    P.S. I don’t like your relocation of your comments link. After I read your post, I have to scroll all the way up to leave you a comment =P


  7. OK, that’s it. I’m ordering some Chia seeds to try, cuz you make them sound sooo good! hehe I can’t wait!


  8. misstiffie says:

    Sammie – Thanks for that!!! I’m looking more into it.. :] It seems like my skin has cleared up really fast tho just after a day or two of no dairy… I’m going to the doctor’s soon so I’ll ask about it there too :]

    Jenny – OOO yes I tried the Vive when it first came out :] It’s fun to eat as well but I still like GoLean the best!!! Hahaha “fortified with probiotic stuff and… broccoli”.. that made me laugh :] Broccoli is such a random thing… Awww you shouldn’t think ppl wouldn’t care about what you have to say :] You’d have meeeeeee to read it 24/7 :D

    John – Yesss, always time for blogging and eating!!! Hahaha.. hmmm I guess I’ll have to relocate the comments link for you :] But I agree it is kinda a pain lol…

    Katie – YAY!!! I’m so happy everytime I turn ppl onto Chia!!! Let me know how you like them!!! Enjoy the popping and chewing & awesome nutrition you get from it!!! :]


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