1o*21 Daily Munch…

I was starving last nite (as always) so at 2am I had two more chocolate covered dried fruit slices, one orange, one peach and then happily fell asleep reading while watching DDD. :] Guy Fieri is awesome.

Currently munching on breakfast…. (um, “inhaling” it is a better word)

GoLean, 1 tbsp Chia Seeds…. Black Coffee

NO FAGE :[ I thought I put it in my lunchbox but I didn’t. *tragic* I’m deprived. I guess this banana will have to “make up” for it :[ I might have to have FAGE for dessert or something tonite. I’m so sad I have no yogurt right now…. addiction much? But yes… pimples and dairy, read this. Hmm, maybe that’s why my usual overly dry skin has been “oilier” than usual.

[ a little while later…]

Want a bite?

Ok, just finished inhaling the banana, I’m beyond stuffed. I got a lot of work and I’m behind on some feedback for one of my groups/teams… blah… Got a lot to get done before noon (and then it’s 2 straight meetings) so I might not be able to update til afterwards (around 2ish) :] Hope ya’ll are having a spectacular morning *drinks liquid crack*

edit @ 1153am
So I have a little time before my 1215 meeting… and then that goes straight into my 1pm meeting which lasts til 2ish or so… depending… Ah Tuesdays… I finished and sent in everything I needed to for the 1pm :D Yay. So.. UPDATE!!!

ANYWAYS I just found out that Medjool dates are more “caloric” than regular dates. OK, I guessed it was so ANYWAYS cuz they’re HUGE and delicious… but they’re like 66cal instead of 23cal. SO WORTH IT. I’ll just be a little less…. overindulgent on them from now on.

Between my last post and now I’ve been munching on 4 dates.. not really cuz I’m hungry but just to munch and to get me thru the morning (that and my crack crack crack aka coffee!!!) ANYWAYS.

So now I’ve moved onto gum. So I’ll stop eating even tho I’m not hungry.

I need new toys/props at work… I have too many at home anyways taking up space :] I’m addicted to stores like KidRobot and stuff so I collect a lot of kooky things, figurines, plushes, blind box items, etc…

edit @ 217pm

Funny how meetings can make you starved. Woweeee, it’s almost time to go home :] 2 more hours of work! Anyways, partway thru my second meeting I decided I was hungry… so I went to get my mango

Now that I’m back I just a tiny nectarine…

…and now the sweetest black grapes!!! The guy @ Wilson Farms totally tricked me into buying them this weekend haha. He was cute and offered me to try some. The apple guy didn’t however win me over. Altho the apples were sweet he was old and I already have like a gazillion apples at home :] Black grapes are like candy :]

[ a little while later… ummm maybe 20 min or so… ]

Oops. I forgot to save this. It’s okay tho, I ate’d more (haha)

I’m ridiculously MUNCHY today :[ These dates are gonna be the end of my waistline…. one date while reading an article that Tina posted… & then I thought I’d show off my Juicy laptop bag and my cool snazzy pink lunchbox that my mommy got custom made for me (haha)


  1. cute toy on your desk!
    have a nice day!


  2. I used coconut milk once or twice, it doesn’t taste much, maybe I should have put them at the end of cooking.
    But coconut flakes works perfect.


  3. John Lee says:

    I just got one of those solar guy thingies for my desk in NY recently! Gosh my desk looks so girly…. Anyways, two links I thought, rather I KNOW you’ll enjoy. Oh you have a pleasant day



  4. Those grapes are huge!!


  5. misstiffie says:

    Coco – MMM I need to get some coconut flakes this weekend. I bet toasting them first would be super tasty too!!!

    John – Haha I love the happy wiggle solar guys :] There’s this Hello Kitty one I want but.. actually I duno why I haven’t gotten her yet. HAHA. & OMG!!! Those doggies are SOOOO CUTE!!! & that is simply the best poster ever!!! HAHA, do they sell those??

    IE Food – The bigger the better haha :]


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