Good Food, Bad Night…

I’m cranky tonite. Having a bad nite *argh* All work no play. Work is stress. Home is stress, I need to get away…

I got lazy and decided not to make groats. I am soaking them in water so I guess I’ll make them tomorrow night instead :] I decided to make my new THICK Rolled Oats from Bob’s Red Mill. Usually I just buy Quaker Oats and I’ve only gotten Red Mill flours and stuff… but these caught my eye :]

My oats came up fluffy and creamy!!! I used a cup of oats w/ 2.5c water. (I split it with my mommy, she was in the mood for oats too!!!)


I had a bowl of oats (about 276g, I told you I weigh randomly on my food scale now that I have one) with tons of brussel sprouts (steamed) and 15 thin/small stalks of asparagus (also steamed) with two small chunks of 豆腐乳.. I’m out :[ I need to go buy more this weekend!!

Also had some green peppers w/ chicken :] Very yummy!!! I ate it with a ton of wild rice, brown rice, grains mixture :] SOOO good.. forgot to take a pic but I had like 3 bowls of that rice!!!

Dessert was Vietnamese Flan from Ba Le :]

It was really good but less…”solid” feeling than the usual flan (umm, less dense I guess it was a lot lighter) but a lot sweeter…. 

& 3 Banana Cakes…

These pink banana filled syrupy cakes are becoming a favorite of mine. The last piece I had tho was a bit more dry.. I think I like them more syrupy (which is funny because I thought it was gross and runny looking at the store and put back the overly runny ones for drier ones… MAN, now I wish I hadn’t…) 

& 2 Baked Rice Cakes… 
These green cakes weren’t as good or chewy as the white rice cakes I love so much.. these were drier.. and more, well, they’re baked so the crust was def. a lot more dry… but they were tasty (and less sweet!) in their own way. Def. more “cakey” then spongey…

After my shower.. I dressed Dior up in one of her.. um, 7 or 8 Halloween Costumes I bought for her

Caterpillar :D SO CUTE!!! 

I watched The Tripper which was.. interesting.. I thought it was kinda funny actually… one of those random over the top boobies galore chop chop fests… poked fun at politics too…

& munched on 3 pieces of chocolate covered fruits (2 orange, 1 peach)

& then another peach one while watching the news and reading my new Food & Wine magazine :]

I’m hungry :[ My mom says I eat too much and to stop :[ I’m such a fatso :[


  1. dinner looks so good and so green!!!
    did you notice any different between quaker’s and bods red Mill’s oats?


  2. john lee says:

    your dinner looks so nutritious! I wanna see more costumes for your dog =)


  3. misstiffie says:

    Coco – Hahaha I was laughing about yesterday’s dinner too while I put the plates on the table. Every dish was SUPER green!!!

    I thought Red Mill’s Oats were so much yummier, they were a lot thicker and cooked up a lot creamier. They took slightly longer to make but they were delicious. It might also be because I bought the THICK rolled oats :]

    John – Haha I felt so healthy :] So right after I had to go be unhealthy and eat my desserts!!! I’ll post more doggie costume pics everyday!!


  4. those viet desserts sound delish! …& wow, that chocolate covered peach is HUGE! where do you get yours from? i usually go to godiva but i’m trying to venture out and try new things. also your puppy is adorable! who says you need halloween to wear a costume? everyday should be dress-up day. :) Lord knows, us girls do it all the time!


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