1o*2o Daily MUNCH – Case of the Mondayssss…

It’s so COLD outside… I had a late start so I ended up parking in a further away lot :[ Super lame. I was in too much of a rush to button up my jacket and by the time I realized how freezing it was I was already teetering around carrying too much stuff to stop and button.

It’s hard to take down my breakfast this morning.. which is silly because all last nite I was daydreaming about my yogurt :] I went to bed STARVED so munched on TWO boxes of poifulls while reading…

I know some of you guys are wondering where I’ve been all weekend. WELL, as you can see I still blogged, but I’ve been having a tough week or two (ugh I can’t sleep and I’m sore and have two pimples cuz of it :[ Blah!) so I went into hiding this weekend. I’m still in semi-hiding mode but of course there’s work and so I publicized everything… ;] I’m sneaky sneaky like that.

Oh, I didn’t mention it in the last post but I watched 30 Days of Night yesterday to get my mood up. Strange, I know. And now I’m planning, in celebration of Halloween, to have a classic movie-fest marathon. I recently bought two classics, Halloween and Hellraiser at Bj’s for like 4$ each (hah) I know it’s strange how obsessive I am with scary movies.. OH, back to 30 Days of Night cheering me up. Bloody + Gory + Creepy, yes. But Josh Hartnett & my love of Vampires = Happy Tiffie. I love how twisted and how opposite of the stereotypical beautiful/seductive/romantic the vampires are in this movie.

The usual, Coffee+Fage+Chia+GoLean

Case of the Mondays :[

I forgot to bring some of the Vietnamese jellies I bought yesterday… Super lame. I have tons of fruits to munch on today tho.. altho I’m not in a munching mood… (for once) but I’m still trying to get thru breakfast so the “not-in-the-mood-for-munching” might change later on :]

My hand hurts, I spilled coffee on it this morning :[ I was also falling asleep driving to work, both sucky :[

I’m starting on some pineapple right now…. they’re not THAT sweet but they’re juicy :] I haven’t been eating as much pineapple as I usually do.. I missed it.

Is it strange that I have no appetite for breakfast but I’m already daydreaming about what to cook for dinner? I didn’t get that much groceries this weekend because it’s already overstuffed with stuff my mom bought for her big girls luncheon this week. It’s her month to host. But I have lots of new grains and stuff to play with. Groats, millet.. I have a new back of beautiful delicious chewy black wild rice :D And new extra thick rolled oats… they’re lusciously chewy looking.. so much so, I might have oatmeal again for dinner :] Maybe with groats & millet mixed in…. I also need to finish off my brussel sprouts AND those ASPARAGUS that, once again, my mom bought for my dad and that I’ve been eating…

I’m gonna surf around for some cool ideas on what to cook tonite later on…

Ok, work time. Busy busy busy….

edit @ 1217pm
Quickie Lunch



I have a horrible stomachache :[ Bah! This always happens. I overindulge on weekends so I spent Mondays and Tuesdays recovering hahaha….. I need my tea…

edit @ 151pm
I still have a stomachache but I’m feeling chipper :] The closer it gets to going home the more excited I am thinking about what to cook tonite…. but if my stomachache keeps up it’ll be oats!!! OATS!!! But I’m excited about that too!!! Savory oats (or maybe sweet!!!)

I’m currently gnawing on this 1/2 of a Pomelo….

*gnaw gnaw gnaw… I missed Saturday’s premiere episode of Giada’s new show so I HAVE to make it for the only other airing of it today @ 430!!!! I LOVE her!!!

Just in case I’m busy working, I know I’m gonna be gnawing on THESE afterwards before I leave work:

13 Delicious Strawberries ♥

I’m so mad I left all this food I wanted to bring at work home. My BREAD I had made.. my Vietnamese snacks… *pulls hair out* lame. My butt hurts from sitting here all day long….

edit @ 339pm
You know how when you’re not hungry.. but you eat anyways? Yeah… and it’s making me feel fat.

Baby Kiwis – So good and they’re only in season for a short period of time so get them at your local… umm.. probably organic food store asap! I get them from Whole Foods :]


For people who don’t know what they are, they look like olives, taste like kiwis and pop like grapes! No fuzz either :D So yea I pretty much finished the 6oz package (30 baby kiwis) off in like 2 seconds :]

I am the fruits loving guru/queen :D HAHA… I’ve eaten them all (except durian, gag). My next adventure you should look forward to (altho I’ve already tried it before but I haven’t blogged about it here) is the Monstera. I’ve had it a couple of times and it’s really good.. but somehow one appeared in the kitchen the other day (most likely mom) and I’m excited!!! I love weirdo fruits.

edit @ 414pm

I was talking with Jim and totally just remembered that I polished off a box of Annie’s Fruity Bunnies Cereal Saturday nite for, um, dessert?!… with tons of Vanilla Hemp Milk!!!

*blush* Like LITERALLY the ENTIRE box….. I just thought I’d confess that…


  1. I haven’t tried groats yet, let me know how it goes!
    and how do you prepare millet?


  2. I hope you’re feeling better, seems like a kinda bad start the week with your morning…

    Your weekend seemed fun, Cirque Du Soleil KOOZA looked like you had lots of fun.

    I seriously don’t know how I could post as much as you and keep up! You’re blog is sooo intimidating!


  3. misstiffie says:

    Coco – You make millet like you would rice. You can eat it fluffy like rice or moist and soft.. :] Depends on what you want. There’s a lot of sites that help you, this is the one I follow


    :] I think I may be cooking groats tonite without the pre-soak, hopefully it won’t be overly chewy/hard…

    John – Make a food blog NOW!!!! :] We should go foodie-ing together sometime hahaha…


  4. Haha, isn’t going foodie-ing together… a date? =P

    I saw this a while ago, but saw someone repost it, and sooooo thought about you. I personally would go with a sushi one or a shumai one =D


  5. misstiffie says:

    John – Hahaha shall we call it a.. food adventure? Field Trip? Investigation?

    OMG those memory drives are SOOO cute!!! LOVE the sushi one!!! Haha I feel like I’d accidentally bite the biscuit or layer cake one.. haha the tempura shrimp one is cute too… gahh* Now I want Japanese food tonite…


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