Kooooooooooooza :D

WARNING!!!! Super photo heavy!!!

Last nite’s giant queen worm amongst my other Brite Crawlers :D

Must’ve been a mini baby slug or something. It tasted different from the other worms too :] HAHA, must’ve run away from his bag of some other kind of sour snacks… too bad I ate him just as fast as the little ones :D

I have been looking foward to this for forever..& been wanting to go to a show ANYWHERE for YEARS!!!

It was even BETTER than I knew it was gonna be…

SO YES!!!…. Today was AWESOME. I went to Cirque Du Soleil KOOZA (today was the last showing!!!) at the Bayside Expo :D

I had a quick breakfast of Guava dipped into Chia Seeds on the way into Boston….

I left early so I could stop in Dorchester for some yummie Vietnamese snacks :]

edit: Sammie asked me where this place was, and then I realized I hadn’t even said what the place was called hehe….it’s in Dorchester.. called Ba Le Restaurant!

Some Fried Meats/Sausages..

Savory Items..

Jellies, and rice cakes and lots of sweet sticky (colorful) RICE!!!

I got mostly sweets/jellies…

I love the jelly noodle stuff in the box :D

Tons of flans and puddings and stuff.. they even had some yogurt… I was kinda scared to try it tho. Ingredients just said sugar, milk tho…

The stuff on the top is pickled mangoes…

These drinks are so amazing too. I LOOOOVE coconut milk and the brown drinks on the bottom with palm seeds and goji and jujubes and stuff deliciously good (I ended up having some… you’ll see it up close later)

Fresh Bánh mì and other food items were made here too…

More snacks…

And more….

Durian.. Wintermelon, etc… Mung Bean Cakes…


More more and more…

Jackfruit Chips :D

I kinda wish i got some cuz I love it FRESH (as well as canned but they syrup oversweetens it…)

And even MOOOOORE!!! Hahah i wanted to try it all

I ended up with bags of snacks (now in my little fridge) and then I had some of these for a quick lunch/munch before going to KOOZA!!!

Two Summer (Shrimp+Pork with rice Noodles) Rolls

MMM, innards!!! You can eat this with this peanut sauce (which I usually like to mix tons of hot sauce in) but I wanted to go sauce free today..

This is the jujube, dates, palm seeds, etc.. etc.. drink that I LOVE!!! So sweet and tasty!!! and HEALTHY (minus the sugar syrupy water it comes in) too!!

I was gonna eat these jelly noodles things but I wasn’t hungry…

I’m SUPER stocked up in snacks… lots of rice cakes, banana cakes, jellies, coconuty things, etc… you’ll see them make appearances in my lunches all week!!!

I managed to make it thru most of the show without touching the popcorn but gave into a small nectarine and 1/2 a brownie. I could smell hotdogs, popcorn and nachos tho :D

I ended up with a program, cd and a gorgeous GORGEOUS mask!!!! Here are some of the ones I tried on :] They had masks that were like 600$ and stuff too, CRAZY!!! I TOTALLY wanna go watch it again, any takers?? ;]

edit @ 1203am HMMM, next day I suppose but I’ll update with dinner and such.

I had to use up the rest of my Butternut from yesterday’s Quinoa stuffing for my artichokes…

Butternut Squash Planks :D My fav!!!!

I like to dip them in hot pepper flakes (well I like to dip everything savory into them haha)

Mung Beans () w/ Hot Peppers…. & Garlic 空心菜

Unshown: Tofu w/ Pork Stirfry…

Bittermelon (苦瓜) Soup :D

I had so many of the bittermelon pieces, sooo gooood…

Coconut Milk w/ Jelly, Beans, Jackfruit, etc…

Sweet Rice Cakes – 白糖糕 (these are my FAV)

And then what I’ve been looking forward to try for the longest time because of Eating Asia

Banana Cake… these were syrupy and a bit on the sweet side but soooo delicious and creamy

I had to have another Rice Cake :D But since they’re not exactly PRETTY.. I won’t bore you with another pic…..

I made bread today out of boredom. I tried this “Beer Bread” that I got in Maine (just add your own beer) so I added my Cherry Blossom beer & then 1/2c oats, 1/2c dried cherries, a tsp of Almond Extract and I melted a little Pumpkin Pecan butter on top :D And a sprinkle of oats and brown sugar as well.

I have the baking and mixing process on my regular digicam but I’m too lazy to download the pictures yet…

5 Preserved Plums & 4 or 5 Black Sugar pieces to suck/nibble on


  1. Where is that market – I so want to check it out. I know my huz would have a field day in there too. We live pretty close to Boston – is it in the city??? Thanks. I love the mask pictures.


  2. misstiffie says:

    Sammie – The place is called Ba Le Restaurant in Dorchester (the addy is 1052 Dorchester Ave) :] There’s a ton of places scattered about there as well!!!‎


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