1o*18 Daily Munch

Last night ended with me passing out while watching Fat Girl and eating Brite Crawlers (my favorite, in fact I’m eating my last bag while I blog!!!) :D

Lunch was at Panera. Their Orchard Harvest salad is back so I got it without the gorgonzola :D Very tasty but not filling at all :T

So I had a Larabar on my way to Wilson Farms…

MMMM Pecan Pie…

For dinner… I decided to make Chilean Sea Bass, it was so tasty looking @ Whole Foods today so I had to buy a nice big piece!!!!

I was starving so I had a guava while I put away groceries and cooked…

Deflowering and preparing my artichokes…

Some mushrooms I bought today:
Fried Chicken Mushrooms

And these Namekos (which I used today with my artichokes!!)

They’re really tasty altho kind of slimey :]

The stuffed artichokes:

Quinoa, Bacon, Tomato, Butternut Squash, Italian Eggplant, Red Onions in a Garlic/Nameko/Tomato Sauce & a splash of Lemon Juice:]

The Chilean Sea Bass out of the oven…

Baby Heirloom Tomatoes, Shallots, Leeks, some Wine, Black Pepper, White Pepper and a splash of soy sauce… :]

Dinner Time!!!

The Sea Bass on my plate. It was so naturally sweet. No oils or salts in this dish (except for the quick drizzle of soy sauce before baking!!!)

It was on a fresh bed of arugula.. sooooo tasty

it totally enhanced everything else :]

Dessert was a bag of mini cookies from Panera… shortbread, oatmeal raisin & triple chocolate cookies…

_note: Dior trying to steal my cookies_

and a nice glass of cold Vanilla Hemp Milk :D

Dip dip dip. I like the big versions better, these were tasty but crispy. The big ones from Panera are soft and chewy :D

This was the wine from yesterday!!!

Seeeeee, monkey.. I think…

My big fluffy socks that keep my feet warm :D

Wine Time!!!! Nothing fancy/special tonite just drinking a bit for fun :D

Daddy pouring me the Wine

9 Preserved Plums and like 130 pieces of dried Pomelo (thankfully they’re so tiny… but still *guilt*)

2 packs of Annie’s Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks (a berry one and a tropical one)


& YES I’m eating MORE brite crawlers now *fatso*

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