Dior FTW :D

Oh it’s cold outside… but it’s like now a warm toasty 23049823940820384º in my room :D

Dior wearing her Newburyport hoodie…

What can I say, I’m obsessed with Met Bar’s Shanghai Chop Chop Salad :] My waiter today was cute, tall, blonde and smiled a lot :] *giggle giggle fart fart* Thankfully I didn’t do the latter…. Anyways my salad was like EXTRA big today with EXTRA fixings.. I LOVE their grilled shrimp that comes with their salad but it’s like 9$ more for 3 jumbo shrimp. Pricey but worth it!!!! I kinda wish i got a boozed up Green Tea Milkshake (yes they have them there… I call them boozey milkshakes.. and even a GUINESS float!!!)

I asked for double shrimp :] No chicken + pork BUT I got pork anyways… thankfully it wasn’t burnt or dry like sometimes. It’s not that I don’t love chicken but the sauce is too salty for my taste. This salad is so good you don’t even need the green dressing on the side :] Comes with fried noodles too but I opted out today. (omg! I got CRUMBS in my keyboard now it’s crunchy and typing weird, more on what crumbs later…)

Prime Rib, medium. I like medium rare but I didn’t order this. I think it was too overcooked. But quite tasty anyways :] It’s so sad seeing it so lonely on the plate tho…. big chunk of cow…. lonely cow… or happy cow?!?!?!… I wonder if he/she was from California (hahaha)

Anyways. I took the banana pie home.. it’s SOOO good there and I haven’t had it in awhile so I couldn’t resist despite how STUFFED I was… HE GAVE ME A HUGE PIECE TOOOOOOOOOOOO

I also stocked up on sweets…. from the Sel De La Terre Boulangerie & Nordstorm’s E-Bar

I had the pie while watching Maléfique. Really good and disturbing. Not “scary” but twisted :] I love foreign films!!! I’m really getting into French thrillers.. they’re so different from what I’m used to.. more creepy than BOO!

& a nice small glass of Cabernet… Kinda wanted more but I’m not feeling well at all :[

And just now whilst surfing the web, reading my favs… and blogging… I had 8 small figs…. but it’s not season anymore so they made my tongue feel funny :[

The last one was the sweetest, softest and tastiest tho :] LOOKIE A HEART!!!… STILL my tongue was feeling numb and raw…

So I had a b&w cookie

2 chocolate chip cookies…..

4 coconut sablés…


Weekend’s supposed to be cool, but sunny and nice :] Lots to do this weekend!!! & tons of grocery shopping (of course!!!) MY FAV!!! I’m planning on going to Wilson Farms + the BEDFORD Whole Foods… this wkend :] I like to switch them up. There’s 2 I go to all the time, Bedford is a little further away… BUT… you get to HANDPICK the medjool dates from a box instead of buying the plastic pre-packaged boxes.. I feel bad switching out bad dates PLUS they get all squished. There I can pick the big FAT ones that are pretty and not too squishy :] I like my dates to be harder so they’re chewier…. the soft mushy ones I inhale in 2 seconds…

Other stuff on my list: artichokes, groats (whole oat berries)!!!!!, steel-cut oats (it’s cuz I only have the regular rolled oats…), my squashes!!! (delicata, spaghetti, butternut, kabocha!!!, pumpkin), more GoLean!!!!, wild (black) rice!!… radishes (they’re so good raw), wakame…. HMMM what else is in season now… OO def. more rainbow swiss chard, MUSHROOMS!!!!!, carrots, maybe leek. I still haven’t eaten my brussel sprouts or celery root yet *blush*

I think I’ll be buying some cranberries to make my own sauce with… annnd possibly cooking seafood tmw :D YAY!

Anyone gots recommendations for something new to try this week?

Btw, <b>John</b>, tea post (possibly page) coming soon, promise!!! :] I have tons of tea at home so I’ll start writing about them first!!! HEHE…

BWAHAHAHA.. hence the title of this entry!!!