1o*16 Daily Munch . Gray Poopie YOGURT-LESS Day…

Today’s gray :[ & it’s supposed to rain. Lame.

Me driving to work :]

This is SO sad. I don’t have my yogurt. How could I forget it?!?! :[ I don’t wanna eat non-Greek yogurt from the cafe at work or one of their parfaits so I’m just munching on my GoLean, RAW. BARE. Hahaha, I actually love it like that… to be honest my stomach isn’t feeling well today anyways and I’m not even hungry so it’s a lot easier to just munch and nibble out of my baggie of cereal.

THAT also means, 1 tbs raw Chia seeds to munch on with no yogurt. Which I love to eat anyways. I was actually planning on bringing in my pistachio butter to snack on with stuff but…. OBVIOUSLY that didn’t happen. I’m so out of it right now but at least I went to bed at 230ish instead of the 3-4ish as of late. *munches on Chia Seeds* My coffee is Cinnamon Cream Swirl today *breathes it in* MMM smells so good!!!

I’m in the mood for oatmeal or bulgur for dinner :] Breakfast for dinner tonite please!!! I need warm goop!!! :] THAT or lentils.. I’m in the mood for lentils too…

edit @ 1249pm

I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COLD. I had a small guava before my 11am meeting… just to keep me filled (even tho I wasn’t hungry) but now I’m starved!!!!! We’re having Oktoberfest at work and I’m tempted to wander around and get some brats or something…. I wonder if they have beer :] Hahaha… I’d so have one right now if they did (they prob don’t) but I’m too tempted to eat crappy right now so some fruit first…. Pomelo time :]

The skin is a lot thicker than usual and tough but the insides are yummie and juicy. And super seedy today too…. Each piece had like 10 huge seeds in it :[ Super lame!!!!…. GAHH!!! I’m craving oatmeal like crazy now, in my meeting I was daydreaming about it. I might make some GoLean Instant Hot Cereal packet I’ve had on my desk for ages (haha).. it’s Honey Cinnamon flavor… and… oh man, the expiration date is JUNE 28 ’08!!! HAHAHA *toss* darnit! OK, back to daydreaming about oatmeal when I get home :]

edit @ 156pm
OK, so it’s obvious that I rarely eat FULL meals @ work, it’s cuz I snack all day long on deliciousssss fruits and veggies!!! Mainly fruits!!! I’m not sure why but I suddenly got STARVED.. but I’m picky.



Still hungry :[ *drinks tea*

Maybe some Pocky will help :D

♥ Strawberry’s my favorite.

I LOVE the random kinds, almond, green tea, etc.. etc.. but Strawberry’s the ultimate!!!!!

edit @ 231pm

Grapes!!!! Lots and lots of sweet juicy crisp grapes!!! (50)

I duno why I keep eating cold foods if I’m so cold… but I do wanna “get rid” of all the fruit in my fridge so that I can buy NEW fruit this wkend. Can you believe it’s already the WEEKEND again?!?!… tmw’s FRIDAY (which to me IS the wkend!!!)


Now I’m craving 豆腐 which is this spicy “pickled” tofu. I LOOOVE it with congee… It gets really creamy and it’s spicy and delicious!!! A little goes a long way.


Sometimes my mom does a 空心菜 stir-fry (see picture above.. I think my dad has a spoon like that) with a block of it, PURE numiness… :] I just like eating plain white rice congee with a block or two a bowl. I eat a lot of it. It’s def one of those things you either LOVE or HATE.


  1. Happy Thursday, Lovagirl! And you look FAB! Looove the scarf + blue on the eyes… Dangly earings w/ the hair pulled back… *Sigh, I LOVE FALL FASH :)


  2. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. Are you chinese too?
    btw, I LOVEEEEEE kabocha pumpkins, its sweetness and its unique texture! Unfortunately I can only get them from Asian store, so it’s not easy as western pumpkin or squash.


  3. I absolutely looooooooooooove STRAWBERRY POCKY, I want my wedding cake with strawberry pocky on it!


  4. misstiffie says:

    Julz – You need to update your blog girl!!! I’m anxiously awaiting hehehe…

    Coco – Yep :] I’m Chinese, Taiwanese to be exact. That sucks about the Kabochas… I got mine from Whole Foods.. gotta stock up again this weekend hehe…

    John – Strawberry Pocky Wedding Cake :] I’ll make one for you when you get married!!!


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