Mena Suvari with Cornrows and Chocolate Covered Peaches…

Phew. Just got done helping my mom paint her license plates. They were faded and needed touching up. My hands are sticky :] But it was fun hehehe.

I was starved when I got home so I started dinner earlier than usual…

btw, when I cook I’m all flavor and not so much on fat. I made this with NO oil and salt…

Chinese (Garlic) Chives w/ Curried Shrimp and Lobster & Maitake Mushrooms

Maitake Mushrooms (14.99$/lb)

Lobster Mushrooms (freaking 12.99$/lb)

These mushrooms are SOOO freaking delicious.. and dense!!! They look gross but they were sooo good and meaty :]

Final Result:

Just had curry powder, coarse ground black pepper & paprika :D DELISH!!!!

A nice chunk of Lobster ‘shroom ♥

Nom nom nom!!!

& then Yellow Yellow Chives w/ Beef

Yellow chives are sooooo delicious!!

Yellow Chives (Gau Wong) – Yellow chives are garlic chives that have been grown under cover, without any exposure to direct sunlight. This prevents the leaves from turning green, as the plant’s chlorophyll-absorbing molecules never kick into action.
Yellow chives have thick flat leaves, a yellow color, and a mild, “oniony” flavor. Like flowering chives, they are considered to be a delicacy, and often served alone or paired with another vegetable in a stir-fry. Use them in soups, with noodles, or whenever you want to add chives with a milder flavor than either garlic or flowering chives. –

& some quick stirfried Chinese Spinach

Nothing fancy but extremely yummieeee!!!

Rice Krispy Treat…..

….. & a slice of my Bread :D (I ended up warming it up in the microwave so it was steamy, piping hot and OOOOOZING banana/cinnamon smells :] NOMMMMMM!!!!!

w/ nope not Almond Milk BUTTTT…. Living Harvest HEMP MILK!!!!! SOOO gooood!!! Now I know what the hype is all about :D

My little fart ♥

Watched STUCK (which wasn’t as good as I’d hoped it would be… didn’t get intense til the end really… I think I had too high expectations cuz of the Netflix ratings buttt…. still enjoyed it, had cringeworthy moments and of course ‘turn down the volume’ moments cuz my dad was around ;] IF you know what I mean) …. and had the remaining half glass of my Pinot Noir from Sunday… it wasn’t as tasty but not bad :] Crap I forgot to take a picture again of the bottle….

& had a chocolate covered Candied Orange (yep Mena Suvari with cornrows…)

& a chocolate covered dried Peach :D My two favs (the peach > orange now…) Actually bananas and strawberries are up there too, but they’re fresh fruits.. so they don’t count.. Dried Pears are really yummy too :D!!!


I’m STARVING.. and it’s 1245am now :[ UGH…. what to eat?!?!?!

BTW, I’M SO EXCITED FOR HALLOWEEN!!! Do you guys know what you wanna be yet?!?!?!?!…. 

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