1o*15 Daily Munch

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I didn’t sleep til 430am or so… I was STARVED so I ate the rest of my hot tamales (29…) at like two in the morning… I realized all I craved was a YOGURT… but I didn’t feel like rolling out of bed HEE HEE… so BREAKFAST is so happy for me right now…. (munching away at my cereal & yogurt)

Oh Fage, how I’ve missed you so. It feels like it’s been forever…… and you taste better than I remember. Creamy and rich :] I love you so.

The usual :]
1 tbs Chia Seeds, FAGE ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥, 1c GoLean, Black Coffee!!! (Today’s is Rain Forest Nut!!!)

Today’s snacks include:

The other half of my uuber large pomelo from yesterday, peach, plum, strawberries, pineapple & GUAVA!!!

*sigh* Got lots of work to do so and I need my caffeine to start kicking in… (I’m strangely EXHAUSTED and HYPER at the same time!!!)

edit @ 1146am

It feels later than it is… ANYHOO!!!! Around 1030ish I got an itching for something juicy to get rid of my coffee mouth. SOOO my beloved Pomelo!!!

Strangely, I just don’t like drinking as much as I used to. I used to drink like several large cups of coffee and espressos, etc.. a day and now I can usually finish my large cup in the morning. ALSO, I only drink it when I come into work or have brunch on wkends. Welps, at least coffee is a good habit to break :]

Also strange, is it because I haven’t had my yogurt & cereal in so long that I’m still super full from it?!?!… I still have 1/4 left of my pomelo which I’m nibbling on now. NOT cuz I’m hungry but I’m thirsty ;] ahha

& my Tazo tea :] I got AWAKE today :] I’m usually a ZEN girl… but today def. needed the AWAKE!!!

edit @ 228pm
I don’t feel well still :[ In fact I feel feverish and I think my anemia is starting to hit me pretty bad again.. probably from lack of sleep.

Earlier I started munching on guava, purely cuz I love them.

& then a peach, once again, purely out of love, not hunger, but it was kinda mushy. And then it got REALLY mushy in some parts so I only had like 3/4 of it.

I ain’t down with mushy fruit :P Esp things like peaches… I like them crisp :D I hate it when it gets mushy and stringy :P and even worse when you bite down and it’s dry and bland, ewww.

& currently munching on strawberries!!!! (there’s like 14 of them) Yum yum yum!!! I’m gonna miss yummie strawberries… sighhh… I want it to be summer and in season strawberries again.. hehe

Bounce* bounce* bounce*

edit @ 310pm

munching on of boredom…

at least it’s not candy… i guess :] hahaha… at least i never have to worry about not eating enough fruit!!!! and getting enough of those vitamins!!!! :] key to good skin, lots of fruits + water :D


  1. Monique says:

    Miss Tiffie,
    I spotted your site on the Lunch Blog and I love your site! I started looking at it on Monday and since then i have hit up farmers market for all varieties of squash and pumpkin that fall has to offer! thanks for the dedication of posting delicious food porn! and what a way to get me to eat more veggie!


  2. misstiffie says:

    Monique – I’m so happy to inspire you to try all the squashes while they’re in season right now!!!! :] I’m obsessed with trying new things, eating healthy but making sure everything is yummy!!! Hopefully I’ll get you to try even more things!!! Hope to see you again!!! And DON’T you LOOOOVE Lunch Blog? Their food posts always get me to crave whatever they’re eating for lunch that day.. haha


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