1o*14 Daily Munch

I started off the morning with my normal herbal jujube drink, vitamins, 1 tbs Chia Seeds (yummmm), gummy vites…. and then 1/2 a HUUUUUUGE juicy delicious amazing Pomelo on the drive to my doctor appointment.

I’m sitting here at Starbucks after my nose follow-up (haha I’ll explain later) eatinggg. CHOBANI!!!!! I’m w@h again since I had doctor stuff today…

Chobani Review #1: PEACH NON-FAT

I finally feel better, so I’m eating my CHOBANI!!!! It’s strange eating…. FLAVORED yogurt. This was a bit watery but it’s really quite tasty. It’s not as thick as I like my usual yogurt to be tho *pout* but since I had no cereal on me today (I left my baggie at home cuz I was in a rush to leave the house) I’m going thru it pretty fast. Eep!!! I hope it fills me up for awhile. But I’ll probably end up snacking on some dates I brought with me… or some asian pears :] ANYWAYS it’s quite TASTY!!! I’ll probably pick up a few of the peach ones to chow down on when I want something sweet & nutritious (and portable) :] Haha it’ll probably help me with my ice cream addiction!!!

I’m REALLY in the mood for shrimp tonite. I’m not sure what to make tho. I want to make a thick soupy gumbo/jambalaya type thing. Which is strange because I’m not a soup person usually, let alone a thick soup or stew. But I want to make something stew-like, spicy with my lentils, some yummy greens like kale or something and mix in some shrimp. YUMMMM, that sounds SOO good and comforty to me right now :] ANYWAYS, you know how I went full on cookie/granola binge last nite? Yeah.. I ended up not being able to sleep so I watched scary Japanese mini movies til 3 in the morning eating 60 hot tamales (I told you I have a counting problem, esp with candy haha)

OO OOO scandalous ;]

edit @ 226pm
Out of frustration (stupid Starbucks wireless) freaking T-mobile hotspot said I was ALREADY connected and I couldn’t sign IN. WTF!!! So I’m spending 3.99 (on top of my MONTHLY $1092380129481934423 charge from t-mobile hotspot, for at&t which was simple and quick and CHEAPER. I’m gonna get rid of my t-mobile hotspot account and sign up for at&t

In the past 1/2 hour of annoyance I ate 3 Dates :D

edit @ 434pm
I duno how any of you girls do it, eating A date for a snack or TWO…. I just ate 4 more in the past two hours :] I can’t stop nibbling… I’m such a snackaholic. I’m still at Starbucks, frozen solid, working :] I’m having so many issues with internet but hotspot is FINALLY working for again (thankfully) esp since my at&t timeblock got cut off and I had to refix my internet. LAME-O.


  1. How do you stay so skinny?! If I ate as much as you do, I think I would gain–I’m jealous cuz I love eating :D


  2. yummy ;)


  3. misstiffie says:

    Katie – :] I try to jog, that’s about it. Hmmm, I think I just hide it well cuz I’ve been gaining weight recently.. lol

    Dora – ♥ you!!! – Love, Emon


  4. Hi there! I see that you’re a fan of Greek yogurt and I’d love to send you some coupons to give Stonyfield Oikos Organic a try. It’s the only organic Greek yogurt on the market today – and we think it’s not only healthier for you, but better for the planet too. Just shoot me an email at Kdrociak@stonyfield.com if you’re interested and let me know where to send them!

    Stonyfield Farm


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