1o*12 Daily Munch

I’m behind, bear with me :] Once again this is PICTURE loaded :D I’m clearing out my iPhone since it’s got like a bazillion photos on there.. so it took awhile this morning to sort thru them to find my photos from yesterday :D

Brunch @ my beloved Aquitaine Bis

(the waitress knows me now hee hee)

Buttermilk Belgian Waffle, Caramelized Bananas, Nutella

Seared Tuna Niçoise Salade

This was the most amazing salad. Fresh Tuna, Anchovies (and I tend to hate them too but they were SOO tasty) I didn’t even need my dressing because there was so much flavor!!! Spicy sundried tomatoes, potatoes, egg, capers, etc… DEEELICIOUS and soooo big (as opposed to their other dishes which tend to be on the small, perfect portion size) and took me forever to eat.

Omelette du marché d´ingredeients, Lyonnaise Potatoes and Toast

w/ Avocada (it was SO fresh I should’ve taken a picture of the innards, they were bright green still and uncooked yumminess even tho the rest was warm) & Black Forest ham!!

The fresh fruit bowl came out last today. Strange, and I’d take a picture of the bacon but they gave me WELL DONE. Who eats well done bacon? They looked kinda gross, but I like eating cancerous blackened food so :] It was ingested anyways.


I went off to New Hampshire to enjoy the day (and foliage hehe)

My buddy :]

Stopped off for some FUDGE samples.

Pumpkin Cheesecake, Peanut Butter Chocolate & Maple Pecan
I always LOOOOVE Maple fudges so that was obviously my favorite. The PB was a bit too sweet and the pumpkin was really yummy and pumpkin-y. Sad that my favorite one was the smallest sample. After tasting a bit of all three first I left the Maple til last, I nibbled on them for awhile.

I decided to eat a baby jack-o-lantern pumpkin. My mom and I had a bet going. She said I couldn’t, I said I could, BESIDES I bought it AMONGST all the other yummie squashes (surrounded by delicatas and butternuts and so on…)

This was surprisingly easy to cut thru with my super sharp Japanese knife :D

MMMM Innards :]

Pumpkin anatomy :D

It sure was fun gutting them and taking out the seeds!!!

I couldn’t decide whether to bake them in halves or chunks

Chunks for the win. Always easier to eat and share. AND save. This is me skinning the pumpkin 1/8s and then cutting them down some more.

Toasted the pumpkin seeds

I toyed around with ideas to toast them in, the usual s&p, maybe some truffle salt, or curry powder or maybe a sweet cinnamon blend but then decided since it was my first cherry-poppin’ time toasting pumpkin seeds I’d do them au natural.

SUCCESS!!!!! They were tasty!!!!


I duno what to say about them, I just steamed them (a bit too long but they were still tasty, kinda strangely salty too…) But I had to take a million pictures cuz they were so pretty!!! I didn’t wanna eat them cuz they were too pretty to look at hahahaha…

Pumpkin chunks done.

I don’t have an up close picture but after they cooked they had weird little warts all over them *shivers* but they were SOO GOOD!!! They were toasted on the BOTTOM, I guess I could’ve flipped them but I was too hungry at this point.
Dinner layout:

Baby Bok Choy, Pumpkin Seeds, Leftover Turkey, Swiss Chard, Mung Beans w/ Hot Peppers, & PUMPKIN!!!

I LOOOVE guava. Today I had 1.5 guavas (my parents stold 1/2 of one haha) and it was soooo unnaturally but naturally sweet that I didn’t need the sour plum powder except for on a few pieces)

My awesome glass of Pinot Noir** and a PB Chocolate Brownie from Rosie’s…

I’ve been on a PB kick lately. Which I feel bad cuz my pistachio butter and almond butters have been neglected.

I was only planning on having 1/4 or 1/3 but I ate all of it watching the news :]

** Had the most AMAZING Pinot Noir last nite that I bought but I forgot to take a picture, I’ll take it later today since there’s still some left :D

* Sidenote: It’s obvious I have a huge sweet tooth. I’d just like to state that I’ve actually been trying to CUT down on sweets and UPPING even MORE healthy alternatives (I was always pretty healthy to start, which is why  I hardly ever have fast food, fried, overly salty foods, etc…) But then still overindulging once in awhile…. anyways wait this sentence isn’t making sense and I don’t feel like correcting it. ANYWAYS. For the past year my doctor and my parents (and friends) and been trying to get me to GAIN weight…. so that’s basically it. Instead of trying to LOSE, I’m trying to GAIN. I’m even limited to my amount of exercise I’m “allowed” to do :[ (My friend Sam says it’s cuz I’m too hyperactive) Even still, I only drink water, coffee, tea and some wine… (I don’t like soda and juices and I’m lactose so I’ll have a little almond milk once in awhile) and I’ll still pass on the fried foods, etc… some habits are hard to break so I figured if I ate MORE nutrient-loaded food it’d help me gain more… PLUS I love yummy raw foods anyways. I know it’s silly to say I’m FORCED to gain weight but I was 5’7″ and around 98-101lbs for awhile… so… yea, just thought you guys should know that when I occasionally post about weight. I’m between 105-108 now which makes me feel “fat” but…. you know… it’s better for me.

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