1o*12 Daily Munch

Not feeling well today :[ AND unlike most ppl on Columbus Day, I had work :[ Boo! I w@h’d tho due to feeling like complete poo…

I’m addicted to weighing my food today…


1 tbs Chia Seeds (12g)
1/2 Pomelo (344g)
Strawberries (304g) 


200g of Pineapple

I decided to bake :] Banana Cinnamon Bread w/ Caramel Chips. NOM! I substituted applesauce for the butter, added 1.5 small bananas (sliced up), 1/2c oats and sprinkled some more oats on top before I popped it into the oven.

Before it went into the oven :]

An hour later, oh man my  house smells like HEAVEN!!! I’ve missed baking…

I’m gonna go nap before dinner….

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