The morning after…

I got a boo boo cooking yesterday :[ I didn’t notice the deep cut til I took a shower, I just felt pain the whole nite…

Guava + Sour Plum Powder (unpictured on the side)

Had delicious sweet fresh amazing guava while watching Memory & ended the night with a Finale PB cookie!!!

The movie had a cool concept and storyline but it could’ve been better executed. I had a few WTF?!?!?! moments.. but they were quickly answered, and I guessed what was gonna happen super early on in the movie (Tiffie FTW!) But I kept thinking it was made in the 80s. The main girl in the movie’s smile annoyed me and Billy Zane looked SOOO young which further made me think it was in the 80s (the clothes they wore didn’t help either)

AHHH, but the night was young, because: Booze + Candy = Disaster for me…

1..2…3…. maybe 4 glasses of the Zinfandel I picked out. It was sooo tasty :] I didn’t notice how buzzed I was until I tried manuvering around…

So I sat around watching Food Network and reading magazines :] & I ended up eating the whole bag (42 pieces left) now I’m sad. Mostly because now I have none for today hahahahaha…. I didn’t really drink water yesterday so I feel bloated right now :[ Time to chug water and get ready for another AWESOME DAY!!!!!!


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