1o*1o Daily Munch

I was up til 3am doing some extra work so I could take off early today :]

Of course this was a distraction…

I went to bed starving and with stomachache :[ That’s what you get when you keep on eating when you’re not hungry. Something’s been irritating my stomach a lot lately and I’m scared it’s all the yogurt I’m eating. Maybe I have to up my lactaid before each yogurt cup.  As much as I was looking forward to eating a Chobani, I might wait to have it for a snack/dessert tonite :] I’m feeling a bit better now tho. I think it might be peaches… I refuse to believe it’s my beloved yogurt haha..

In case you guys were curious about my morning pre-food routine.


And I drink them down with my herbal drink. It’s a jujube and other chinese herbs mixture like things such as goji and stuff that’s SUPER healthy and refreshing. I’ve been drinking it EVERY morning since forever :]

& since I’m skipping my morning yogurt… When I don’t have something creamy for breakfast, I just eat my chia seeds as is. Usually in a tiny bowl and I just lick it out. it’s weird to see… but they’re really really good.

It’s sooo nice out today!!!!

All I wanted today was an apple. A crispy, juicy, cold apple. So I tried Honeycrisp that I’ve been hearing so much about. Delicious. I actually BAKED/cooked with one already but I haven’t eaten one yet. Strange, huh? I bought about 10, mostly big HUGE ones but a few tiny bitesize ones cuz I thought they were cute :]

TOO FUN! I’m gonna have issues wanting to weigh everything now just for the fun of it :]

Dior heard me cutting up my apple and did her little cute puppy dog eyes and whined for some too. SHE LOVESSSS APPLES!! She eats apples EVERY NIGHT for dessert!!!

Like mother, like daughter.

When she’s done with her bowl I always have to tell her “No more!!!” and let her sniff, lick and investigate to make sure I’m not lying to her :] She’ll sniff, lick and then be satisfied and walk away HEE HEE…

I love cutting my fruits up into small bites, takes so much longer to eat, it took me over 30 min to eat. Granted, I was working and busy running around, but still :]

edit @ 856pm

quick update before i get my night started :]

bought some stuff @ williams sonoma…

and a loaf pan… :] and two books (a world cooking book and the newest giada one!!!) 

& they gave me a yummie pumpkin pecan sample!!!

met bar + grill

hot tea & BUTTTTTTTTTERY warm rolls

shanghai chop chop salad w/ shrimp (sorry so blurry)

veggie burger on whole wheat w/  fried egg, bacon, foie gras, caramelized onions, bibb lettuce & sauteed mushroms and a side of fries and pickles!!! 

some nummie FINALE samples :] while i bought some cookies one of each kinda.. cherry trail, choco chip, choco chip walnut, oatmeal raisin, PEANUT BUTTER & this all chocolate one…. i’m REALLY excited for the pb cookie.. it was the last one too, darn, i was gonna buy TWO too.

2 tiramisu and 2 caramel affair – bites
(I decided to be “careful” since my stomach has been off lately and popped a lactaid before I sampled HEE HEE) 

I have a sugar problem >_<;


edit @ 222am, next day :]


Gonna be a quickie since I still have to get up early tmw and go out and play in theh sun :]

Snack time!!! I was starved… MONSTER caramel apple time ♥

Choppity chop

Eating them in tiny pieces this time to ensure long lasting happiness :]

Mediocre wine, only took two sips :T

My cutie she-Elvis

Watching food network and reading my new recipe/cooking books now and JUST put my bag away but I managed to nibble about 30 of these gummy peach rings (they’re not peachie O’s, they don’t have the marshmallow *pout*)


  1. veggie burger on whole wheat w/ fried egg, bacon, foie gras, caramelized onions, bibb lettuce & sauteed mushroms and a side of fries and pickles!!!

    THAT SOUNDS SOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!! You surely do know how to eat. Man, I feel bad for any guy that takes you out to dinner! lol


  2. misstiffie says:

    John – hahahahahha that’s funny maybe that’s why guys haven’t been taking me out lately ;] lol


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