Light on the Dinner, Heavy on the Snacking

First off… I thought you guys would enjoy seeing a pic of my new food scale :]

My kiwi is 106 grams.

Thought I’d show you a quick snippit of my fridge… SOO much stuff, this is nearing empty too :] I go grocery shopping on Saturdays or Sundays, OVERstuff it but somehow by Friday or Saturday it’s empty again…

See all the apples, oranges, SHROOMS, some pre-cut butternut… pineapple… I always have TONS of fruit handy… tomatoes, veggies…. yogurt…

Chicken stock, Almond Milk… Kimchi *loves* Sake, Korean Hot Paste… UMMM, bacon…. different kinds of hot sauce (which reminds me I should show you my spices and sauces :] My pride truffle oils and EVOOs… millions of different kinds of hot sauces/spices :] HAR HAR… Ugh I see mayo but I don’t like mayo, it’s not mine… haha and it’s been there unopened for ages…

Some Squash & a pumpkin… yet to be eaten :]

DINNER WASSSS… *cue music*
Oishii Too

Oshinko Su ( Pickled radish)

Sashimi — Top Left Clockwise:
Scallop, Baby Hamachi, Squid, Super White Tuna and my beloved Salmon!!!!

Hamachi Kama (collarbone/cheek)

As I was about to start eating, Dior was going nutty and decided to stare at where her bowl should be. We both eat dinner around 7ish usually and today it was a lot later than usual.

So I fed her before I dug in….

MMMM, my first time tasting Baby Hamachi, it’s not as fatty as the regular Hamachi, I really liked it :]  The super white tuna was soooo fresh and tasty today :] I prefer it over all the other kinds of toro… altho fatty tuna is pretty good too..  SALMON is still my fav tho.. altho I didn’t enjoy it AS much today *strange*

The Hamachi Kama was SOOOOOO good. And it’s so worth it too, they actually gave me TWO pieces, I’ve only been to places where I get one puny one but these were both delicious and tender and meaty!!!! SOO good, I cleaned them off and sucked each part dry. I just didn’t eat the skin just a nibble or two… wasn’t feeling it today… it was tasty but there was too much to eat.

I also had some, of course, hot green tea with my dinner :] I really craved some hiya yakko & ohitashi today but I’m glad I didn’t get it… Cuz I ALWAYS get them… next time :] MMM bonito flakes!!!! And I’m really glad I tried the BABY Hamachi…. drool* Really good… and the Hamachi Kama… best appetizer ever!!!

And then, also OF COURSE, I had desserts w/ a yummy cold glass of Vanilla Almond Milk :]

Rice Krispy Treat *dip*

HUGE Coconut Macaroon *dip*

My last Sel De La Terre Brownie *dip* It said it was gonna last til 10/13 but.. eh I don’t want it to sit THAT long….

My mom decided to cut my Mamey Sapote but it wasn’t fully tender/ripe yet… so not sweet or creamy enough.. I think we’re just gonna turn it into a smoothie for breakfast :]

And then I went downstairs to watch R-Point..

After awhile I got hungry again…

9 Preserved Plums

3 Date Cakes (I LOOOVE the walnuts in them)

CHEW CHEW CHEW.. It takes me awhile to eat one cuz I just take a little nibble of a nut/date and chew chew chew, I get really upset when I run out of nuts…

I WANT ANOTHER ONE SOOO BADDDD >_<; But if I continue eating them I might as well just be eating larabars instead….


  1. John Lee says:

    Your posts always look soooo delicious. Mmmmm, rice Krispy Treat in Vanilla Almond Milk, drool.


  2. misstiffie says:

    John – hehehehe you always eat good food too I get so jealous reading your status’ on fb :]


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