1o*o9 Breakfast Munching and Snoring… / ok ok & Daily Munching

Another forced breakfast. But not as forced as yesterday… AND I’m eating it quicker. I need the caffeine to hit me ASAP tho…

1 tbs Chia Seeds
1 6 oz. FAGE 0% Total
1 cup GoLean
1 lg Black Coffee (today’s Green Mountain flavor is Chocolate Raspberry Truffle.. mmm)

Chobani said they were sending me a box of samples and I’m supposed to recieve them today so I’m excited!!! I’ve seen them sold at Sel De La Terre’s Boulangerie but I never tried one.

I wanna make my own cereal @ [me] & goji… and I’ve always been tempted to buy some youbars… cuz I like to go on there and make my own combos hahaha but I’m scared I won’t like them… :] Anyone tried them before?

I’m too exhausted to attempt to function right now….

edit @ 1120am

I WAS STARVING LAST NITE. This always happens. And then I wake up today with no appetite. Blah! But anyways I couldn’t wait long before I ated (hehe) my ROCKY ROAD caramel apple. But TOTAL WEAKSAUCE…. only a few puffs of marshmallows on it :T But it was tasty…

Caramel Apples are evil, sweet sweet beautiful evil ♥

And for no reason, I haven’t been hungry at all I’ve been munching on a big bag of grapes. SOO juicy and yummy, I love them super crisp & sweet!

Ugh I definitely need to go for a jog today…

edit @ 136pm

Caramel Apples are always so filling. Some days I can go on the WHOLE day without food after eating one but work is stressful…

PEACH during my meeting :] (haha conference call from my desk.. usually most ppl are WAH on Thurs+Fridays…. and we have a lot of ppl from outside of Boston…)

edit @ 354pm

My appetite has been SO off lately :[ And my tummy has been hurting. I duno if it’s from too much squash anymore.. who knows :[ Bummers. I have had no motivation to eat anything particular while I work so I just munch on fruits all day long…. altho Clif (“Dora” to my “Emon” teehee) has gotten me to want PEACHIE O’s today :] That’s all I can think about. I’ve stopped craving my usual sorts of candies (twizzlers, skittles, swedish fish, sour patch kids) and was reminded today of my LOVE of Peachie O’s and the fact that I haven’t had them in like over half a YEAR!!!!!!!

But since I didn’t bring ANY candy to work (gasp now) except for fruity mentos and a sour lemonaide super blow pop (which I strangely haven’t been in the mood for) I ended up eating my 1/2 of a pomelo :] that I kept bringing back and forth from home to work this entire week.

I realized that I didn’t really eat that much today…. and the only reason why I feel so “dense” is cuz of that apple. Worth. Every. Calorie. Always :] Altho I’m disappointed that the Rocky Road one wasn’t as tasty as I thought/hoped it’d be. I’ll stick with my PB Bombs & Monsters still from now on… Apple Pie is good too… :] Super Sugar-Cinnamony, but a bit TOO sugary. (wait is that possible for me?)

I’m trying to eat “healthier” can you tell?

OK. Onwards, work is almost over and I duno what to do for dinner tonite. Last nite’s dinner was delicious but cost me 70$ for amazingly delicious fresh sushi & Hamachi Kama. Today I need to work on clearing out my fridge :] So I’m guessing sweet potato planks/thick chips (haha) MMMM…. and something with mushrooms!!!!

STRANGE FACT!!! My dad LOVES asparagus, my mom HATES it and she hates it even more cuz I told her that it makes your pee smell and ever since I told her and she noticed it was true she’s hated it. EVERY WEEKEND, my dad wants asparagus. EVERY WEEKEND my mom buys TONS of asparagus for him. EVERY Thursday/Friday I END UP cooking and eating all the asparagus. I don’t get it. I mean I like asparagus but dood. So random. Yes I have sexy smelling pee.

Also, I make lists of foods I want to get that I read up on and hear of…. :] So anything new and awesome you want me to try? I’m pretty adventurous and will try everything at least twice!!!! :] But if you could introduce me to some new ingredients and perhaps point me in a good direction or two (as in recipes and preperations) that would be awesome!!!

The only thing I have on my list so far is to buy more spaghetti squash, and those LOBSTER MUSHROOMS I’ve been DYING to try for the past 2 weeks that I’ve seen them. I finally looked them up and while they’re pricey, they’re yummy so probably worth at least trying. I was just scared that they were gonna be FREAKY NASTY and I’d gag and puke. HAHAHA.. :]

Still haven’t used my bulgar yet. And I have tons of green + red lentils… and more wheatberries to make with my food. Doop dee dooo… I’ve been exhausted this week and not feeling well so my appetite and enthusiasm for cooking has been lacking. BUT I do wanna play with my food scale some.. so tonite’s the nite :] BESIDES. Did you see my fridge pics from yesterday. COOK COOK COOK. I already miss squash.

I wanna nap when I get home but then I always get bursts of energy and then I go running or something. Or play with my puppy… Or… randomly make pancakes and bake snacks.. HAHAHAA :] My mom hates that. She says I’m making her fat. OK OK OK.. enough rambling :] I’ll blog again tonite after dinner + snackings!!! I might eat one of my LARABARS on the way home from work :] I’m not hungry but I wanna chew…


  1. john lee says:

    mmmmm rocky road caramel apple…. Sounds and looks sooooo good


  2. That caramel apple is GORGEOUS!!

    Love Larabars :-)


  3. don’t be afraid to design your own cereal at meandgoji.com…if you don’t like the mix you created let us know and we’ll send you a new one completely free!

    (we know 40+ ingredients can be intimidating!)

    [adam] & goji


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